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How does water leak into back passenger section on driver side?

Sunroof drains are clogged.

The rails that push and pull the glass on your sunroof is broke you think passenger and driver side is broke?


How do you manually close sunroof?

The crank and tool are located in the dome light cluster by the rear view mirror. You will see a little panel that you have to pop off with a screw driver.

The sunroof on your Nissan Altima will not close?

pop open the area where the button is to open and close the sunroof and then take a screw driver and unscrew the 3 screws holding the plate on the motor open the cover and then manually crank the roof closed by holding the screw driver in the crank (white piece) and turn. I need a new motor.

Does the rear windows open and close in a 1994 Honda Prelude?

No they do not, only the driver side window, passenger side window, and sunroof are the only one that opens

Why does the alarm sound when the driver side door is opened in a 1998 dodge avenger after replacing door handle?

98' avenger past experience check the alarm wire on the inside of the lock/ tumbler. ( driver side) it may have fallen down. try unlocking w/ key on passenger side.

Can a passenger in a vehicle sue driver of that vehicle?

Yes. If the passenger is hurt in an accident caused by the driver, the passenger is fully entitled to sue the driver. In fact even if the passenger is a spouse of the driver, the passenger can sue.

Can you manually close the sunroof on a 2003 chrysler sebring?

Yes, if you remove the dome light you should be able to turn the motor with a screw driver.Yes, if you remove the dome light you should be able to turn the motor with a screw driver.

How do you fix sunroof on a 98 Saturn SC2 driver side opens a inch or so and passenger side goes up about a half inch and then makes clicking noise until you stop tring to open it?

Try replacing the hinges at the front of the sunroof, if you are lucky you could get theese from a brakers yard. Or on eBay.

The passenger side windscreen wiper on a 95 Toyota Previa has stopped working but the driver side is fine how can you fix it?

if you can manually move it with you hands them u need to tighten the nut on the arm

Where is the fusebox on 2008 dodge avenger?

Under the hood, driver side.

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

for the driver - there will no coverage. For the passenger the same as well. It is your responsibility as a passenger, to be sure that the vehicle you are driving in is INSURED, always.

Who is at fault the driver or passenger if he opens the and a bicycle hits it?

The driver. Even though the driver didn't have anything personally to do with it, the driver is responsible for the vehicle, incl the passenger(s) and what they might do.

92 summit shifts manually but not automatically is there a computer control module?

It is located behind the ashtray, mounted to the floor hump between driver passenger side. It's the A/T control module.

Where is the fuse box in a 2008 dodge avenger?

Under the hood, driver side.

Where is fuse box on dodge avenger 2008?

Under the hood, driver side.

Can a passenger in a car get a DWI if the driver does?


If you're a passenger who pays?

The driver.

Can a passenger get in trouble if the driver does not have a permit?


If a passanger has an open container who gets the ticket?

In Illinois both the driver and passenger get one. In Virginia, both the driver and passenger get one.

Where is code reader port on 98' avenger?

Under the dash, driver side.

Where is the horn on a 1996 dodge avenger?

on the driver side in front of the wheel/ behind the bumper

Are the driver and passenger windows the only ones that are not supposed to be tinted?

you can have tinted windows on the driver and passenger seats, i`ve seen many cars that do

Where are the 2 thermostats on a Dodge Avenger located?

The thermostats on a Dodge Avenger 2. 4L are mounted with the plastic water housing on the driver side end of the cylinder head.

Where is the driver kick plate?

on the passenger side