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It depends on what is wrong with it. That is kind of like asking how do I fix my house? It could just be that the floor needs mopped, or the whole house needs torn down and rebuilt. Your transmission might just need some fluid added, or it might need a complete overhaul, or even a replacement. The question is too broad to answer successfully here. Can you narrow it down? What were you told is wrong with it?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 14:45:24
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Q: How do you fix the transmission of a 1993 Ford Tempo?
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How can I fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 ford f250?

To fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 Ford F250, simply take it to a mechanic.

How much will it cost to fix a back brake line on a ford tempo?

your virginity

How do you fix a 2002 ford explorer transmission?

take it to a transmission shop

Why does the Ford Tempo vapor lock and what is way to fix this?

change the gas cap they need to breath or they will cause them to vaperlock

How to fix speedometer on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

Probably the speed sensor on the transmission.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1988 Ford Tempo?

It would be a good idea to pick up a Ford Tempo owners guide or repair manual to find the location. Not only that, but if there are future problems you'll be able to fix them considering the repair is not major. I know Ford Tempo thermostats go for about $15 bucks.

How do you fix a high idle speed problem on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

go to autozone for a free diagnostic check & the computer will tell you what is wrong ie map sensor. idel air control . mass airflow sensor

Do you have to remove the trans axel to fix a transmission on a 2005 Ford Taurus?

depends on what needs to done, the transaxle is the transmission

How do you fix a1995 ford escort frozen transmission?

Let it thaw. or... It should fix the car if your nicer to your wife.

How do you fix the problem if the transmission slips in a 1992 Ford Tempo?

You take it to a Transmission Shop and have them work on it. When it starts slipping that generally means something is wrong. Good Luck and Remember.Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.See My Bio For Information & Contact Details.

How much does it cost to fix a head gasket on 1993 ford escort?

$800 +

Will a 1998 ford ranger manual transmission fit in a 1993 with a manual transmission?

yes, the manual transmission is the same in the 1993-1997 model and the 1998-present model. it is the Mazda M5OD-R1 transmission There are differences that you will need to fix: the '98 has an electronic speedometer sensor, the '93 had a gear drive cable. the tail housing and gear inside can be swapped. Also the hydraulic clutch fitting is slightly different so the slave cylinder needs to be swapped. easy fix. I know because I did it.

How do you fix the shifter linkage on a 1993 Ford Aerostar?

Take it somewhere and get somebody that knows shat they're doing to fix it.

How you fix a 96 Ford Tempo if the engine shakes when the car is in drive?

The car needs a tune-up, or the motor mount(s) are bad.

How do you fix a rough idle in a 94 Ford Tempo 2.3l engine automatic in gear break applied?

Check for broken motor mounts.

How much to fix 2002 ford escort transmission line to shifter?

go ask a mechanic

How do you fix 1999 ford cv od light flashes and no od?

get your transmission services soon

What would make the speedometer stop working on your 1993 Ford Probe and how to fix it any ideas?

The problem could be the output speed sensor on the transmission or the speedo head it self. A scan tool would be helpful

How do you fix rear drum brakes on a 1993 ford mustang lx?

that depends greatly on what is wrong with them.

How do you fix a transmission leak inexpensively in a Ford Taurus?

It depends on where it is leaking. If it is the lines it is cheap. Anything else it is not.

What is a shift solenoid on a ford truck?

it is inside the transmission you can't fix that in your driveway take it to tranny shop

Fix overdrive on E150 ford 1999 diagnose the problem?

Transmission problem overdrive slip at 45mph what to do

What websites can you go to for information? is a good source of information, despite the claim that "you can change the information", which usually will get changed back in an hour anyway, or you can just google keywords such as if you were looking up how to fix a transmission in a ford focus you'd put "ford focus"+fix+transmission

How do you change transmission line?

how to fix a transmission without taking it a part how to fix a transmission line

How do fix a transmission that is slipping in a 1999 Ford pickup?

if it has a clutch, the clutch needs replaced. if it's an automatic, it needs to be overhauled by a dealership or competent transmission shop.