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You need to purchase a new motor. You can purchase one at a dealer, a parts store, or even a junk yard if you get lucky. If you don't know how to fix this yourself you should take it into the shop to have it done properly, and if you still have a warranty the dealership should be able to get you into their service department. Good luck.

There are two screws under the dashboard top plate, and two nuts at the windshild wiper post. That's only if you want to do it yourself. put 'masking' tape on both sides of you present wiper positions. About 2 hours. Care on the screws that hold the dash plate should be observed. It's plastic and fragile.

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Q: How do you fix the windshield wipers on a Saturn 1998 SL2 if they run at one speed and will not shut off unless you turn the car off?
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Why would windshield wipers get stuck in the middle on lowest speed and not come down on a 2000 Amigo?

I have found that if you put rainex on the windshield everytime you change your oil you will not have that problem.

What would cause the windshield wipers to work only on high speed on a Chevy venture?

Bad switch? stalk bad wiper motor? bad low speed winding

What would cause the windshield wipers to work only on high speed on a Windstar?

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How do you fix the intermittent windshield wipers on your 1997 Lincoln Town car they stopped being intermittent and now only go at one speed medium fast?

Either a few wires are now unconnected or you just need a new Windshield wiper motor.

My 2001 Chrysler tc van started to have problems with the windshield wipers and turn signals yesterday. They just started to go wacky. Can anyone help me?

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The multi-function switch inside the steering column has the turn signal lever and hazard lights button extending outside of the steering column it operates - turn signals - flash to pass - high beam headlights - windshield wipers ( on/off ) and intermittent speed settings for the wipers - windshield washer fluid squirter button

What would cause the windshield wipers to freeze in position when the switch is flipped to the high speed and how can they be repaired?

I have a 94 caprice that does this. Apparently it is either that speed only on the wiper motor that has a problem or the relay for the high speed may have failed and the motor may be ok. As it is a noncritical issue I haven't worried too much about it. If I find out more I will update this.

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by introducing resistors in the circuit

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