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How do you fix turn signals that come on but do not blink on a 1996 Firebird when the bulbs and fuses have been checked and are good?


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2015-07-15 20:44:36
2015-07-15 20:44:36

Check the turn signal relay. Probably have to replace it. Also, try your hazard switch (emergency blinkers). The turn signals should now come on when you use the hazard switch. These use a different relay and it will show that the turn signal lights work.

just replace the bulb.

if the bulbs have silver dots on bottom, take out and try switching position of dots.

like a battery......+ and - ...and look at bulb, make sure the bulb has two fillaments,

(wires) inside not just one.


If all is good with the bulbs look into changing the forward control module (behind the radio about the size of a deck of cards). This controls the front turn signals as well as the DRLs. You can pull the board out of its black box and do a visual exam of it to see if you have any burns or scorches. I had the same issue with mine and after replacing it all was good again!


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AnswerReplace the Flasher Relay. did you look at your bulbs

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Yuo may have a faulty relay, or one or more bulbs are blown.

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Turn signals just quit working- have replaced flasher- checked all bulbs and fuses, checked all obvious wires, cleaned grounds, replaced the turn signal switch (that was an adventure). At a loss- any help out there? Hazards work fine- all other lights work fine- turn signals dead

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have you check all the bulbs? if one of the bulbs are bad they will light up, but will not blink.

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What exactly are you needing to know? I have a 68 Firebird sitting in the driveway. Are you needing to know colors of wires on the exterior bulbs or routing etc for the interior?

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