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All cars blow white smoke when they are cold especially on a cold morning .Worst case scenario if it blows excessive white smoke all the time is a blown head gasket

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What can you do to stop the white smoke from coming out of the exhaust?

the smoke that comes out of a exhaust pipe is supposed to be white

What does a small amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe mean?

You may have oil on the exhaust, once this has burnt off the smoke should stop.

What can cause white smoke from exhaust when heater is on?

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

What is happening when my E55AMG has white smoke from one exhaust pipe?

i have 05 e55amg and just notice white smoke from the exhaust when i start the car and i will drop it off to the dealer to check what the hell is wrong and i will update as soon as i find out.

Why is white smoke coming from the exhaust manifold?

White smoke from the exhaust pipe is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. Commonly caused by a blown head gasket. STOP driving this vehicle until you have this repaired or you will destroy this engine.

What causes White smoke during starting early in the morning?

Water vapour due to condensation in the exhaust pipe.

How long can you drive a car after noticing thick white smoke billowing out of exhaust pipe?

You should stop immediately.

Will a bad valve cover gasket cause smoke from exhaust?

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

You have thick white smoke coming out of your exhaust smells like oil whats wrongalso has oil coming out exhaust pipe?

Maybe a blown head gasket

What causes white smoke from exhaust pipe in the morning?

the "smoke" is always there when you breathe in the morning, when its cold, you see like a mist, that what that is, its just you usually cant see it

What is a exhaust donut?

A puff of smoke that's in a shape of the exhaust pipe A gasket/seal that is shaped like a donut. They are used between the manifold and the exhaust pipe.

Why is there white thick smoke emitting from your exhaust pipe?

thick white smoke generally indicates coolant leaking into combustion chamber . check for faulty head gasket od cracked head

Why is my 1999 Saturn smoking white smoke from exhaust?

When an exhaust pipe is cool, the exhaust will start to allow water vapor to condense. If the exhaust is white you're seeing a vapor cloud; it's normal and unavoidable. Once the engine and exhaust are warm, the vapor cloud should stop.

Car burns oil and white smoke comes out of the exhaust?

Yes, this is simply showing your car is working, however, what SHOULD'NT come out of your exhaust pipe is red flames. If that is what's coming out, I'd check with mechanic. In general, Blue smoke, engine oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

Is it normal to have oil to come out tailpipe when head gasket is bad?

no. when a head gasket is bad coolant goes to the exhaust pipe and causes the car to smoke alot all white smoke.

Engine over heats white smoke exhaust?

White smoke in the exhaust is water leaking into a piston and turning into steam. You have a leak somewhere in your engine. Your engine may overheat because you are low on coolant. You have run it out through your exhaust pipe. Soon your engine will catch fire and burn up, but you will have saved money by not getting it fixed.

Why is your 1997 Pontiac transport throwing out a lot of white smoke out the exhaust pipe after you gave it a tune up since it never had a tune up for who knows how long?

well white smoke is water or coolant being burned

What causes the exhaust pipe to smoke?

It depends on what color the smoke is. If it is white smoke that usually mean coolant is in the oil and that can be a result of a blown head gasket. If it is a greyish bluish color then it is oil burning. if it is black then you are burning gas.

What would cause smoke and sparks from exhaust pipe of ford focus?

what kind of gasoline are you running? and what color is the smoke?

Why causes a car to heave white smoke flow out of the exhaust pipe?

Probably a blown head gasket, or a craked head. White smoke is the outcome of antifreeze getting into the combustion chamber via head gasket or a crack in the cylinder head.

1993 Camry black smoke from exhaust pipe and idles rough?

Black smoke is caused by excessive fuel in the engine

Why is there whitish smoke from 3000gt down pipe area possible leaking oil cap filler and valve cover gasket?

usually if there is white smoke coming out of anywhere in your exhaust that's an indication that your engine is burning oil, most likely caused by a leaking or blown head gasket, but could be caused by oil leaking down the pipe from your other leaks and burning off. Oil smoke is NOT WHITE... If you have white smoke/steam coming from the exhaust then that will be engine coolant leaking into the combustion chamber. Nother words you have a BAD head gasket or a cracked head. Blue smoke is oil.

You have white smoke out exhaust pipe runs badly when I start it and continues while idling?

check your oil. if you have to put oil in it allot its your piston rings or valve seals

Why does you car have blue smoke out the exhaust?

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

Why does blue smoke come out your cars exhaust pipe?

running rich (too much fuel)