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How do you fix windows media player on win 7 it just wont load try to play CD an a box says cannot find specified path file or device?


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This error can happen for several reasons; insufficient permissions, network connections, missing or corrupt files or even because a file or folder is being blocked by Windows or by your antivirus application.

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To transfer songs from Blubster to Windows Media Player, the easiest way would be to download the songs to a USB device for storage. Then take out the USB storage device and wait a few minutes. Put the USB device back onto the computer and open the Windows Media Player program. Select Windows Media Player as a file to upload the songs to, then upload them.

No, you cannot put Windows Media Player on your iPod Touch.

MSWMM (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) files cannot be viewed in Windows Media Player.The project file must be Published or Finished in the program before it can be viewed in Media Player.

Getting music onto windows media player involves importing the music files. Connect the device with the music to the PC and select import on windows media player. One can also import a folder from a drive on the PC.

You can do this by connecting up the device, opening Windows Media Player and clicking the 'Sync' button at the top of the player, providing you are running Windows XP or Vista.

You should be able to. If you download the file from the internet(do it legally) you can then move them to the device without using the windows media player.

a. Open Windows Media Player.b. Click the arrow below the Synctab, point to the device, and then click Advanced Options.c. The properties dialog box for your device is displayed. In the Synctab, clear the Start sync when device connects check box.

It means that the music CD is not in a format that the media player can understand.

save ur music open it with windows media player then go to copy to CD or device or sync

No you cannot. iTunes music is saved as a MP4-audio file and Windows Media Player can only read MP3-audio files.

No. Putting your device on mute will not change any songs that you sync to your device.

There are several different programs that can play music besides Windows Media Player. 'I Heart Radio', 'iTunes', 'Pandora' and 'Quick Time Player' can all play music on an Internet capable device.

Any MP3 player that presents itself as a USB Mass Storage device should work on Windows ME. The Archos 5, for instance, should work.

Windows 7 has the Windows Media player.

You have to download a file to your computer first. Any files Windows Media Player uses has to be on your computer (or portable device). If you are wondering how to open a Windows Movie Maker Project file (MSWMM) in Windows Media Player, you can't. A Windows Movie Maker video project has to be Published/Finished in the program first, before you can play it in Windows Media Player. And too, the file you are trying to open in the player must be compatible. In other words, Mp4, QT, MOV (to name a few) will not open in the player since the proper codecs are not installed on your machine.

To download the windows media player, you should go to the Microsoft windows web page and download it from there windows media player download windows media player download

Windows media player 11 and i want Windows Media Player back!

You go to windows media player. press the tab labeled RIP. put the CD in and connect your portable device. You will see all the songs on the CD and will be able to download it onto your portable device.

The CD software does not install a driver for your player. No additional driver software requires Windows 2000, Windows XP or for Windows Vista after connecting the player to the computer via USB. It will be recognized automatically as a "Removable Drive". If you are unable to find the device under My Computer, you should check with Microsoft for any updates to your operating system by visiting Connect your player and if the device is still not recognized, try these steps below to manually install the driver. Go to the Control Panel Choose the system icon Select the Hardware Tab Select Device Manager Open the tab for Windows Portable Device; Make sure you see your player there! Right click on the Device to update driver Click on Install from a list or specific location Click ' Don't search, I will choose the driver to install' and then select next Click on USB Mass Storage device and then next Now the MP3 Player should come up as a separate drive in My Computer. It works thank God!!!

If its a windows formated device it should automatically come up in your window media player. Try updatedin windowns media player or going into my computer right click on your mp3 player and select open with.. Windows Media or something there is a load of option you can do. from the right clikc point.

Yes, a CD-ROM player is a input device. It cannot accept output unless it is a reader/writer (CD-R, CD-RW).

On Windows XP as well as the default Windows Media Player 9,there are also two hidden older versions of Windows Media Player. These are Windows Media player 6.4 that can be found under file name Mplay2 and Windows Media player 5.1 which can be found under Mplayer32. And some people prefer the older versions of Windows Media player to the latest version Windows Media player 9,10 or 11 on Windows XP.Or Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista and Windows Media player 11 or 12 on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows Media player 6.4 Mplay2 does not work on Windows Vista,or Windows 7 or Windows 8. It only works on Windows XP. But Windows Media Player 5.1 Mplayer32 does work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and also on Windows Vista. To install Windows Media Player 5.1 on Windows 7 or Windows 8. you need to have a Windows XP computer. Then on Windows XP you need to go to Windows/system32 folder on C drive and copy the mplayer32 exe file to your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Once you have copied the mplayer32 program file onto Windows 7 or Windows 8,copy and paste the program file in the Windows/system 32 folder. Windows Media player 5.1 Mplayer32 is now installed on Windows 7 or Windows 8. And will play video and audio files without any problems. And will run alongside the latest version of Windows Media player Just like it does on Windows XP. And the above method also works for Windows Vista.

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