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It may be torque lock. This happens when one parks on a hill and the car rolls and the transmission pawl gets wedged in place. The easiest thing to do is try to have someone rock the car back and forth while you shift. Next time use the parking break.

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How do you replace the horn button in a Mitsubishi Lancer?

the horn sticks when the car is started

What are the t and s button on the ps2 remote?

t and s are the anloge sticks you wtat

Why do only some three sticks make a triangle?

A triangle only has three sides. If you put three sticks together, you can make a triangle. If you had four sticks, you cannot make a triangle. That is why only three sticks are needed.

How do you adjust a 1997 Honda civic emergency brake button?

Take both hands and grab the plastic cover around the handle that the button sticks out of. Push down the cover. The button will appear.

Where is the syn button on the Guitar Hero guitar?

on a ps3 is a little nobble that sticks out and the sync is in the middle of that

Does the PS vitas analog sticks click down?

No, they do not have a pressable button functionality, only directional.

Can the Vita's analog sticks be pressed like those on the DualShock controller?

The Vita's analog sticks do not double as buttons and cannot be pressed down.

How do you do tricks on mx vs ATV?

Hold the stunt button and move the two joy sticks around.

Where is the r3 and l3 button on ps2?

The R3 and L3 buttons are on the left and right analog sticks. To do this press down on either of the analog sticks and then whatever the buttons do in the game it should then work.

How do you get a square using 3 sticks?

You cannot get a square using 3 sticks since the definition of a square includes that it must have 4 sides to be considered a square

Can reefs recover from coral bleaching?

no the can't poison sticks to them and cannot come off

Where do i find a laser sight for a baikal 380?

You can get a laser that clips on to the trigger guard. They are about $100 dollars for a small one. They have a button that you push, that is on the unit, on these modles, but they make some with the button that sticks onto the grip

What buttons do you need to press to get L3 or R3 on the playstation 2?

you need to press the left or right analoge sticks like a button

How do you do a banshee trick in halo reach?

You use the left bumper button. (LB) while using your sticks to control which direction you go in.

How far can an amphibian stick their tongue?

They cannot stick their tongue because their tongue sticks to the bottom of their mouth ;)

How do you use controllers?

The X button selects The O is go back on the XMD The ▲ is info The ■ does nothing on the XMD the D-Pad is basically the mouse The thumb-sticks are only used in games The Analog Button is to turn on the thumb-sticks The L&R triggers are only use in games For game controls look in the Manuel or ask another question

How do you make a ladder in mine-craft?

To make a ladder you need sticks. On the crafting table it should look like this Sticks Nothing Sticks Sticks Sticks Sticks Sticks Nothing Sticks

What does 'sticks and stones' mean?

The entire phrase is "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me." It means that someone who is childishly calling names and insulting you cannot harm you.

How do you tie 50 cows in 5 sticks by odd numbers?

It cannot be done. Five odd numbers add up to an odd number and so cannot equal 50.

Jugguling can or cant be done in the dark?

it cannot. u gotta see what your doin, unless ur jugglin flaming sticks.

What cannot go into a garbage disposal?

No bones of any kind, no hard stuff like toothpicks, cocktail sticks etc.

Who plant that cannot stand straight?

The plant that cannot stand straight due to its weak stems are called the climber plant. It climbs to other plants, trees, walls, or sticks to grow.

How do you do level 29 on meeblings?

To do level 29 on Meeblings, lightly press the blue button, and when the green one sticks down, click on it. Use the yellow button to pull the rest off the shelf and use the blue one to push them into the exit.

How can you take six sticks and add five sticks and get nine sticks?

Throw away two sticks

Do your belly buttons started going in when you are pregnant how is your belly buttons supposed to look when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.