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Try re-installing the driver if it has one. But you'll probably need to take it back. This sounds like a low-level hardware problem that would be hard to fix yourself. In fact, if it is a hardware problem, the store or manufacturer will probably just give you a new one or replace a part. -DJ Craig make sure it us well pluged in and that there is power being sent to the device I did not understand if there is the media you are talking about, or about the device itself. 1. If it is the media: please look to see whether the surface is clean, and if not, try to clean it up. Try again, and if it does not work, try reading in in another device. If it still does not work, probably you lost it. 2. The device: try to reboot the machine, reinstall the drivers and if it still does not work, probably it is defective and you might want to consider replacing it try going to device manager and uninstalling it. Then reboot your computer. It should recognize it and reinstall it properly. That worked for my burner.

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Q: How do you fix your CD Rom that is not working because of an IO device error?
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If the CD rom drive has stopped working properly or maybe there's some type of incompatibility issues then you might want to consider installing the newer drivers. But if the CD rom has stopped working because of a hardware issue, then installing new drivers may not help in that case. If everything appears to be working normally with your CD rom drive though, than I'd say to just leave the drivers as it as is for the time being.