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How do you fix your Xbox?

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Depends on how it is broken. If you have the RRoD or, Red Rings of Death, you need to call xbox customer support and they will tell you if its fixable from your house or if you need to send it in, free of charge.

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How do you fix a Xbox?

You can send it to Microsoft who will fix your Xbox 360.

How much does it cost to fix a Xbox?

It costs about $250 to fix an Xbox 360. An Xbox with Xbox live costs about $275.

How do you fix Xbox 360 stuck on Xbox screen?

Explain it please,, with "How do you fix xbox 360 stuck on xbox screen?" I can't help you.

How do i fix my Xbox live connection?

Call Xbox.

What to do with broken Xbox?

If your Xbox is broken you can call Xbox Support maybe they cant tell you how to fix it. Or you can send it in a gaming store as some do fix it for you.

How do you fix the ring of death on Xbox?

Call Xbox and get it repaired!

How do you fix Xbox 360 live?

Call Xbox live.

How to fix Xbox games?

If an XBOX game has a few scratches, a paste of baking soda and water will help fix the problem.

Would a chipped xbox 360 get caught?

the chance of getting caught is very high plus if you xbox brakes and only Microsoft can fix it the will ban you and not fix the xbox

Xbox 360 how to fix a headset?

* * *

How do you fix your xbox live?


How do you fix a broken Xbox 360?

It depends! Xbox 360's break in a lot of different ways. You can send it in to Microsoft and they can fix it for you.

How long does it takes to gamestop to fix an xbox?

It can take anywhere from weeks to a month for Gamestop to fix your xbox, depending on the problem it is experiencing.

How do you fix and xbox 360 3 red blinking lights?

You can send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft, they will fix your 3 red lights of death.

How do you fix your xbox 360 when it shows a red light?

You have to mail it to the Microsoft xbox 360 corporation. Unless you know some Guinness that can fix it.

How do you fix a wireless xbox 360 controller?

To correctly fix a wireless xbox 360 controller simply refer to the service and user manual.

How do you fix a Xbox live headset?

Glue it.

How do you fix your Xbox 360 if the games always freeze?

send it in to xbox or get a disc doctor

When the xbox tries to update it encounters an 80072EFE error code How do you fix that on the xbox?


How do you fix a Xbox 360 game that doesn't work?

i think you can fix it if you go to a store like gamestop and they will fix it

How do you fix a wireless Xbox 360 adapter?

Physically/hardware fix it? or fix the settings? MOAR INFO needed.

How do you fix the one red ring of death on Xbox 360?

go to youtube at the top type in how to fix e74 and click the one that has the xbox on the brown shagg carpite do what it says and it sould fix it it fixed mine

How do you fix xbox 360 E-73?

call 1800 4my-xbox. they will fix it for FREE- CORRECTION - They will fix it for FREE only if it is still under warranty. If not, they want $100 just to look at the thing.

How do you fix a scratched xbox disk?

u dont

How do you fix the Xbox when it does not recognize any XBOX game you put into it how do you fix this?

It is possible that the lens on the disk drive may be dirty. If this is not the case, then your disk drive is probably corrupted.