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How do you fix your power door locks on a Chevrolet venture 99?


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Just fixed this problem yesterday (thanks to some other person's forum posting, plus my own diags using info from If NOTHING (left button, right button, remote keypad) unlocks the door, then the problem is certainly not in any of those mechanisms, its at a point that is common to all of them. Your problem is likely to be the same as mine, and quite easy to fix... In the wiring splices under the carpet on the front passenger side of the van floor. Turns out that there's an AC drain tube that leaks under the carpet and apparently causes corrosion to any splices in the area... So, open the passenger door, remove the plastic sill plate (just pull up on it), and lift up the carpet. You'll probably find that the underside of the carpet is wet. There's a load of wires wrapped up under the carpet there. Remove the tape and search for the 'white' wire. Or, you can just look for two splices (one is for lock (blue), one is for unlock (white)). I almost guarantee you that you'll find this splice to be loose or broken. Just re-do that splice and your lock will probably work. It fixed mine!! Good luck