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How do you fix your tercel leaking oil?

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I changed the valve cover gasket which included the gasket, gromets, and the spark plug tube seals for $13.99 at advance auto parts. It was leaking 1 qt a week and now not a drop.

My 95 Tercel had a bad rear main that leaked at least 1 qt. per 1000 mi. Found Toyota mechanic who was willing to do some side work and cost less than 200.00 Not bad considering engine must be removed. If you do this I recommend having front and rear seals and new timing belt installed.Perfect time to do .

2015-07-15 21:26:06
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Q: How do you fix your tercel leaking oil?
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Why is your transmission oil or gear oil leaking from your 92 Toyota tercel?


How much money to fix and oil leak in a 1997 sunfire?

Depends on where it is leaking.

How to fix oil leaking on Nissan primera auto transmission?

it depends on where its coming from

Why does your engine smell of burning oil when it idles?

oil leaking on the ex man fold need to fix the oil leaks

How can you fix an oil leak of oil pressure sending unit electric connection in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4.0?

If the oil sending unit is leaking oil by the inside of the component, then I don't know of any way to fix that other than removal and replace with another one. If it is leaking by the threads, then you can try teflon tape to seal that. Also make sure it is leaking from the sending unit and not leaking down from the valve cover.

How do you fix antifreeze leak on a 92 Buick Roadmaster?

antifreeze leaking into the oil pan

How do you fix oil leak in 2003 mpv Mazda?

The repair depends on where it is leaking oil. As you didn't list the location it is impossible to give an answer.The repair depends on where it is leaking oil. As you didn't list the location it is impossible to give an answer.

How do you repair leaking oil pan under 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE?

the only true way repair the leaking oil pan it to remove the pan and change the gasket their is no quick fix for a leaking oil pan if you do it right the first time it wont bie you in the but latter

How do you fix a oil leak on a 1997 kia sportage 4x4 leaking around the oil filter?

replace the housing o ring

What can be used to slow down 94 Toyota tercel from burning oil?

Well you can permantly fix the problem. Most likely it is a valve cover gasket leaking onto the exhaust manifold, or a more serious problem. There are alternatives like some cheap fixes that claim to stop this problem but more often than not it is for a very small leak. I suggest lucas oil additive, or whatever a auto store clerk reccommends, these make the oil thicker so it will hopefully clog the part(s) leaking but IT WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. Just keep that in mind ;)

Hydraulic salon chair leaking oil how do you fix it?

you don't most manufacturers are from china with no parts available

Why is oil leaking in my 2001 Honda Civic?

First you need to diagnose the source of the leak then we can help you fix it.

How do you fix a leaking tub?

You have to say WHERE it is leaking from for someone to answer it.

Why does my lawn mower have oil leaking out of the carburetor and leaking into my air filter I have a Toro 6.5hp 190cc self probpelled?

oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter

Should you fix your rear engine seal or just keep putting oil in it?

Depends on how bad it is leaking. If it is just a trickle I would not have it repaired and keep and eye on the oil level. This is an expensive repair but if it is leaking badly you will have to have it repaired.

How to fix Generator gas leaking into oil?

It is likely the float valve is not seating properly. Needs cleaning or replacement.

How do you fix an oil leak on a 1991 Grand Prix that is leaking directly above the starter?

Valve cover gaskets?

How to fix the turbo oil leak on Jeep Cherokee 25TD?

Need more info. Where is it leaking from? The turbo housing? The oil send or return lines?

How much will it cost to fix an oil leak on a corser car?

depending on where the oil is leaking from. sump gasket? rocker cover gasket? hoses? castings?

Truck has check oil pressure light on and a trail of oil on ground after driving?

Obviously your oil has been leaking out. Check the oil level and fill to specs. Also you need to fix the oil leak.

Where do you find the filling plug for the gear oil on a 1992 Toyota Tercel?

where do you find the filling plug for the gear oil on a 1993 Toyota tercel

Why is my car leaking oil after an oil change and how do I fix it Are additives a good idea?

either the thread on oil pan bolt is stripped or the washer on bolt needs replacing. easy fixonly oil additive i would recomend for any engine is LUCAS ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE

If there is an oil leak on a 99 Camry how do you find it and fix it?

You can either replace the gasket which is leaking or buy additive for oil. The last works only in cases when leaks are not severe.

How do you fix a oil leak in a 1996 Kia Sportage?

Your question is vague. Where is it leaking from? Or, r u asking how to find the source of the leak?

How much oil do you need for a 1986 Toyota tercel?

When you do a oil change on a 1986 Toyota Tercel it holds 4.5 quarts of oil. As recommended in the owners manual always double check your dipstick after changing the oil and putting in new oil.