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How do you fix your truck when black smoke comes from your tailpipe in a 1990chevrolet s10?

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possibly needs a new carborator

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Does the transmission make smoke come out of the tailpipe?

No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

What causes black smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

Excess fuel causes black smoke.

Hot get rid of black smoke from tailpipe?

how can i get black exhaust smoke stuck on my dual exhaust

Black smoke coming from tailpipe?

carbon result of incomplete combustion.

How can you make black smoke come out of your tailpipe?

Need to know why this is necessary.

What would cause black smoke to come out of the tailpipe in a 92 firebird?

black is excess fuel

What could cause white smoke from tailpipe in a 1992 grand marquis?

they have elected a pope? in cold weather it is normal to see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe. the one you have to worry about is the black or the blue smoke

What causes blue smoke to come from your tailpipe?

the engine is burning oil. blue smoke oil white smoke antifreeze black smoke excess fuel

Blowing black smoke out of tailpipe?

Assuming this is a gasoline engine, it is running rich from excess gasoline.

1993 Camry has no power from 0 to 30 what could be the problem tailpipe exhaust black smoke?

black smoke means your burning oil and the head gasket will go sometime soon

What would cause black smoke to come from the tailpipe of a 97 Chevy Cavalier?

Black smoke usually means the engine is running too rich. The fuel/air mixture is incorrect. Blue smoke is oil burning.

What is wrong with a 1987 Ford Ranger V6 that is missing and blowwing black smoke out of the tailpipe?

AGE and engine failure

What causes a 94 ford escort to gurgle and have black smoke coming from tailpipe when accellerating?

Black smoke indicates excessive fuel possibly the engine is flooding this would also explain the gurgling.

What causes white smoke and oil dripping out thr tailpipe?

oil getting by the rings causes white smoke and oil dripping out of the tailpipe.

White smoke coming from my 1997 Honda lx civix tailpipe?

white smoke coming from my tailpipe of my Honda civix lx 1997?

Blue smoke from tailpipe?

Burning oil

What does white tailpipe smoke mean?


2006 ford expedition started clunking noise and white and black smoke out tailpipe?

probably a blown head gasket

Black smoke from tailpipe on 2001 Honda Accord?

Black smoke from the exhaust is a sign of an overly rich fuel/air mixture. This can ruin your catalytic converter, plus it hurts your mileage, so get this repaired asap.

Why is black smoke and soot coming out of your tailpipe?

running too rich check the air filter could also be defective injectors

What causes the tailpipe to release white smoke?


What causes blue tailpipe smoke?

You are burning oil.

What does it mean when a 1996 Toyota Camry shakes a lot when driving and white smoke comes out the tailpipe at start up?

IT usally means that WATER is coming out of YOUR tailpipe wich is STEAM & running ruff is Because the smoke is coming from the DEAD cylinder because the head Gasket is blown(bad) {USALLY}

Why is blue smoke coming out of tailpipe?

Blue smoke is oil smoke, sounds like you need an overhaul. either the piston rings or valves are allowing oil to enter the combustion chamber. because when you crank it oil also comes out

White smoke coming out of the tailpipe?

white smoke=water. probably the intake or intake manifold.