How do you flip some off in china?

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with your pinky
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How do you do a flip?

To do a flip run as fast as you can then whne you see a building run straight into it. Dont turn your head! Run straight into it. It works trust me then you bounce back resulting into a backflip. That is just a backflip. If you want to do a front flip you do the same except run backward into the bui ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to be flipped off?

Answer . To be 'flipped off' means to have some display the finger to you. This is a non-verbal communication meaning 'screw you.'

How do you flip?

skill. Start with a roll a start to stand up.. Or for a backflip try to toss head back and use hands for starts trust me i did it before and it didnt feel so good.. Good Luck!

Why are my Power door locks flipping on and off?

There are 4 compnets to the power door lock circuit, the door lock lock/switch, wiring, relay and lock motors.. Are the locks both locking and opening? If so probably a bad power door lock relay $30.00, either way I would say relay is the most probable and then wiring harness shorting next.

Island off the coast of China?

Taiwan is an island off the coast of China. Taiwan has a unitarysemi-presidential constitutional republic type of government, and apopulation of 23,373,517.

Tips on performing a round off back flip?

make sure you can do both skills individually before you progress to the full round off flip . Keep you body tight throughout the tumble . In the round off come into it with you hand straight (as in a handstand) and turn them 90 degrees just before they reach the ground . Keep you arms tight at a ( Full Answer )

What is a flip?

you have to be skinney and have a trampaline its a bocey thing ok then jump and flip you self

Who invented flipping people off?

Flipping people off, is an obscene hand gesture, used to insult people, which dates back to Ancient Rome/Greece. Who invented it is not known. See related link..

Is it illegal to flip off a cop?

Precedent has been set down since the early 70s stating that profanity is in fact covered under the First Amendment. . Police try to cite people that use profanity with disorderly conduct charges. These charges are unconstitutional and most law enforcement agencies have training that specifies obsc ( Full Answer )

Who started flipping people off?

Baloney History (The Lighter Side of History) The practice began as far back as Homo Erectus who spent a great deal of their time flipping off Homo Habilus, who in turn spent a great deal of their time flipping off Homo Neanderthalis. We know this because archeologist's have spent a great dea ( Full Answer )

Is China better off today?

Some people believe that China is better off today because of agrowing economy. Some people believe that the growth of the economyis destroying the culture of China, so this is a matter of opinion.

Is it easier to kick flip off of stairs or to just kick flip?

It's easier to kick flip just on flat because it will not hurt as much if you had fallen off down stairs. To kick flip off stairs you'll have to have a lot of speed to actually clear the steps clean and you will have to suppress your legs to absorb the impact so just stick to kick flips on the groun ( Full Answer )

What is flipped about?

Flipped is a term used when a monster is switched from Face down defense Position, to face up attack position. It is also referred to when a face down defense position monster is switched to face up defense in battle. Some monsters, known as "Flip effect monsters" have special abilities that only ( Full Answer )

Be fired for flipping someone off?

It depends on your job. Some bosses don't care like maybe at a construction site while at other jobs you could be fired for so much as saying 'crap'.

Does Justin Bieber flip people off?

Yea,Justin Bieber flips people off and so do most of you. He is just a normal 15 year old boy so just lay off.

What do you do if you flip off the guy you like and want to apologize?

- If the guy is the kind of person who doesn't really care and says its no big deal, then you are fine and pretend it never happened. - If the guy is sensitive and is expecting you to apologize, then just go for it. Say something like this... . Hey, about the other day, I didn't mean to do tha ( Full Answer )

How do you flip people off?

I herd that in japan you put up your thumb. In china the pinky's up. American I bet you know. German you pull your pants down. ( leave your underwear up)

How did flipping people off originate?

Despite Wikipedia's claim that "flipping off" originated in Rome with the ' digitus impudicus ' (impudent finger), "flipping off" actually originated in the several wars between Britain and France. The battle field was a constant struggle for either side to gain an advantage, until the British devel ( Full Answer )

Can you flip off an off duty police officer?

Yes, it's legal. In all cases in the United States at least. Evenif the police officer is on duty. Even if a city or state has some sort of disorderly conduct law, anobscene gesture law, or a profanity law, the Supreme Court of theUnited States has routinely and consistently weighed in on theissue ( Full Answer )

Does a guy love you if he flips you off?

Well, it depends on why he was flipping you off. But I highly doubt you could find out if a guy likes you if just by that let alone love you.

What can you use to save videos off a flip camera?

The Flip cameras record in the H.264 MP4 format which can be used by most software. On a Mac it is often better to import the video from the camera into iPhoto and then Quit iPhoto and launch iMovie which will find the videos in iPhoto and make them available for editing and sharing.

What does it mean when dsi turns off when you flip the screen back?

it means your ds has a virus and if you keep it plugged in over night then it might just burst into flames and burn down your whole house. i would not plug it in just incase you wanna live for real my home dog g skillet biscuit... i love you

What to say if someone flips you off?

You can say... "Is that a threat or an offer?" "Maybe later! Haha that was a funny joke.." or "I reject that offer." That's just my opinion haha :)

Is it illegal to curse at someone or flip someone off in public?

In most cases, it is a misdemeanor and such is against the law but depends on the context and variables as to how it is upheld. Most times, police and judges will not even mess with it even if someone wants to press charges. The only times I have seen it upheld (and sometimes excessively) is tied in ( Full Answer )

Did Justin bieber FLIP OFF a paparitzi?

Yes., And He Apoligized On Twitter For His Rection To Them. He Just Wanted A Privete Dinner With His Girl Friend Selena Marie Gomez. And They Came And Attacked Both Of Them. But He Said He Was Sorry For That. And Selena Marie Gomez Did Not Apologize For Anything... Hope I Helped (:

Why do people flip people off?

To show the other person just how much they hate them... teachers-r-stupid: and to show that they need to get a life

What are some flip book ideas?

Man pops out of a wormhole in front of himself, says hi to his past self, then falls backward into the wormhole's other end behind him and travels back in time to say hi to his previous self. . Guy falls off a cliff. The water splashes. . Guy takes off in a rocket . Guy drives into a tree . Fire ( Full Answer )

Can you back flip off an elephant and live?

If you have enough training and experience (and a little bit of luck!) yeah! I think It's like a 50/50 chance. But I would not attempt it if it was for 10,000,000,000,000 dollars. But If you want to do it, Get a lot of professional training and help.

What would happen if you flip off a tractor trailer driver?

They'd probably flip you off in return? I suppose the possibility for road rage exists, but most drivers out there are acutely aware that it's not worth sacrificing their career for the sake of someone flipping them off. Flip off my truck for no reason, I'm probably going to offer you the chance to ( Full Answer )

What are some gymnastics flips?

Some gymnastics flips include.... Front tucks, front layouts, twists , fills, back layouts. Back tucks, etc.

Why did Justin Bieber flip off the paparazzi?

Entertainers sometimes get frustrated or annoyed that photographers constantly follow them. Usually, most of the big stars have learned to be patient about it, but sometimes it just gets on their nerves, and instead of thinking... they just react-- whether by "flipping off" the photographers or shou ( Full Answer )

Is flipping people off legal?

In some states flipping off people is legal while other states maygive you a ticket.