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It may or may not have a drain plug for the radiator. Look at the bottom of the radiator usually on the passenger side of the car. It doesn't really look like an actual plug. It is more like a plastick wing nut, just unscrew it and it should drain. Some radiators don't have drain plugs at all. If it doesn't just take off the lower radiator hose from either the radiator or the engine block and do it that way

i think the sunfire drain is on the driverside of radiator facing forward. it should be a 1/4 inch hole in center. you have to turn and pull to drain. be careful not to damage plug or radiator.

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Q: How do you flush out a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire radiator when you can't find the drain plug?
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Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1986 cadillac?

You have to pull the lower radiator hose to drain/flush the radiator

How do you flush the radiator on a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

is there a drain plug on the radiator

How do you do a radiator flush on a Ford Fiesta?

Drain the radiator. Leaving the drain plug open, run water from a hose into the radiator and continue to flush until the out coming water is clear.

How do drain and flush a radiator on a 92 Pontiac firebird?

Open the radiator petcock and drain coolant into a container. Dispose of all coolant properly as it is toxic to animals. Close petcock and fill system with water. Run the engine for several minutes with the heat on high. Drain the system again. Several repeats of this procedure will flush the radiator and engine for the Firebird.

How do you Flush radiator 2002 jaguar x?

In order to flush the radiator you will need to remove the lower tray to access the hose. Unscrew the drain plug attached to the hose and let the radiator drain.

For a 2003 Pontiac Aztec where is the radiator drain so you can flush the coolant system?

you have to take off the cover then it is on the driver side, plastic butterfly bolt

How do you drain flush and refill the radiator on a 2004 Malibu classic?

there is no lower radiator hose.

No radiator cap once you drain the radiator how do you flush the cooling system?

If you do not have a radiator cap once you drain the radiator, you can use several options to flush the cooling system. You can easily do this by filling up the system with as much water as you can and then warm it up.Ê

How do you flush the radiator on a 1998 Grand Prix Pontiac?

i got no idea

Where is the radiator drain plug for a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera SL?

i have a 95, and i had to just remove the bottom radiator hose to drain and flush.

How do you flush a 2003 f-250 cooling system?

drain radiator poor in flush and follow instructions on bottle of flush.

Radiator drain plug location Kia Sedona?

The radiator drain plug for a Kia Sedona is located at the bottom of the radiator. The radiator flush that is needed can be purchased at any auto parts store.

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