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How do you flush the cooling system on a 95 Firebird?


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2011-09-13 01:58:03
2011-09-13 01:58:03

Depends on what you want to do.1)You can just dump a bottle of rad flush straight into the rad, run the engine for the time that the instruction on the bottle says with the heater on full blast, drain the stuff out , flush with clean water and then refill with the reccomended rad fluid and you are done.Take the time to change the thermostat while you are at it.2)All the above with one additional step. I went to the car wash, removed the intake and out put hoses to the engine. I then used the high pressure wash to send water thruogh the rad first through the intake and then the output of the rad until the water ran clear. reconnect the hoses and you are done.The drain plug is on the lower left side of the rad when you face the front of the car. Its a simple hand twist plug.


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where is the starter relay on 95 firebird

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sure, they came with a 5.7 in 95 as an option.

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I have always done it the hard way by draining the radiator, then refill with water and some radiator flush, run the engine till at operating temp and drain again. Fill with water, run and drain 2 more times, then refill with coolant and water at 50/50 mix. They do make power flush kits that eliminate the added steps.

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Not sure for the '95, but on the '99 it's under the dash to the left of the radio

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