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How do you focus on your homework?


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February 10, 2014 5:15PM

You would have to be in a quiet, peaceful room where no one can disturb you. If you like, you can turn on some music to listen. Not too loud or you won't be able to focus.

Here are some tips to avoid distractions:

  • SHUT OFF: cellphones, TVs, video games, radios, and anything else that makes noise, even those little alerts that say you have email or text messages
  • SHUT DOWN the internet - just having it on in the background tempts you to check your Facebook or email!
  • SHUT UP the talking - don't try to chat while doing your work, and don't sit where there are lots of noisy people around
  • SHUT OUT - try soft, instrumental music to drown out the background noise - it has to be soft and instrumental though - no vocals or heavy beats at all!