How do you focus your Nikon D5000 camera when filming?


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If you have an AF, or auto-focus lens (like the kit 18-55mm lens) you can focus your lens prior to filming, but cannot auto-focus while filming. To manually focus, switch the switch on the side of your lens to 'M' for manual. To focus, turn the outer focus ring on the lens until your subject matter is clear.

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It really depends on the camera, like on a Nikon it stands for Short Back Focus

A Nikon F-Mount Lens will indeed fit a Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera, as the D80 is equipped with a mechanical focus drive motor which will effectively autofocus with all F-Mount lenses. -

If the lens was made later than 1959 it will have the "F" mount and it should fit any modern Nikon DSLR, although the auto-focus may not work and you will have to focus manually.

There are many different Nikon cameras. The compact digital cameras from Nikon are mainly simple "shoot and point" cameras where you open the shutter, point the camera at what you want to take a picture of and press the shutter. Other Nikon cameras have an interchangeable lens and adjustable focus to improve picture quality.

If you have a Nikon d3200, you can get it back to auto focus by going to the setting and then resetting it to auto focus.

This Nikon camera has many different amazing features. It's features can add up to between one and three thousand dollars depending on what version. One of the best features is its self focus feature.

It works but no auto focus just manual focus.

It will mount fine, and the matrix metering will work. However, you'll only be able to manually focus. The D5000 does not have a focusing motor in the body, and the tokina lens has no internal motor of its own. If you don't mind manually focusing, it's not a problem, but not having AF might suck for sports, concerts, and things that move.

One of the most impressive features of the Nikon D90 camera is the amount of thought and technology involved in the autofocus system. Unlike many other cameras, in addition to advanced autofocus, the D90 camera also includes something known as scene recognition. This software inside of the camera actually isolates elements within a scene before a picture is taken and adjusts the focus of the lens in order to capture as much detail as possible. It is an often overlooked feature of the Nikon D90 camera.

Yes. There are adapters avalable that let you do this. But, you will have to focus manually. [Spelvin adds] In addition, because such adapters generally serve as a spacer between the rear of the lens lens and the camera body, you may lose the ability to focus at infinity.

Most Nikon lens will work in complete manual mode, but to get the most from the lens (auto-focus, metering) stick to Nikkor lenses with AF or G in the title. Full comparability chart in the related links below.

Focus in photography means this: Focus in photography depends on the type of camera, and lens you use. For example, if you have a film camera, you have to stick with the focus that is provided, but when you have an SLR camera, you can change the focus on the camera it self, or you can get different lenses and focus the image being taken more easily.

I don't think that "inferior" is the correct term. Really they are targetted at different markets. The major advantage of the D90 is that it has an internal AF motor so can focus on any AF Nikkor lens. The D5000 requires an AF-S lens to do the same thing. Other considerations are more external control buttons and wheels on the D90 and higher shutter lifespan. The one thing that the D5000 has that the D90 does not is the swivel LCD screen. Since I don't use live view at all, the swivel does nothing for me, but someone who uses it, especially for video may find it useful.

If you're going to shoot professionally, I definitely recommend the Canon 5D Mark II. Not only does it have amazing resolution, and every feature that you would want for wedding photography, it also has HD Video capability!AnswerI use Nikon, and I think Nikon is easier to catch the moment because of Nikon's auto focus. I like Nikon

Yes. And that is an AMAZING lens, by the way.

Yes, but they won't act the same on a D40 as more expensive Nikons. Only AF, AF-D, AF-S, and G lenses will meter on a D40 and ony AF-S and G lenses will auto focus on a D40.

It is really annoying if someone has made a video of something to find find out afterwards that it is all out of focus. To prevent this it is worth reading the manual of the video recorder and taking tips from them on how to keep in focus. It is also worthwhile buying a video camera that has the facility to automatically focus whilst running.

With few exceptions, you're going to be much better off only buying Nikkor lenses. Stay away from Sigma and Tamron. The D5000 doesn't have a focus motor, so only buy lenses AF-S, AF-I, or G lenses if you want auto focus. I'll assume you already have the mediocre kit lens (18-55mm). Next you should invest in a fast prime. The Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S or the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G AF-S are both excellent lenses.

A point and shoot camera can be a fixed focus which does not require focusing as in the single use types. If a camera is not auto focus or fixed focus then you must focus it manually. This is usually done by rotating a part of the lens until the picture is clear in the view viewfinder

One of two things, and they're the same things that are done to a digital camera to bring objects into focus on the sensor. You can adjust the lens to make it focus at the distance the object is at, or you can move the camera until the object falls into focus. Most people adjust the lens, but if you have a fixed-focus camera like a Diana, you have to move the camera.

who invented the auto focus camera

The Nikon 70 300mm is said to be the best compromise for its size, weight, range and quality of image in comparison to the Nikon 38 300mm. It contains close focus, 67mm filters and weighs at 745g. It doesn't need a tripod to focus, and features auto focus abilities, it contains the very best tele zoom lens. It is selling for around $587.

The best way to focus the M417 camera is doing manual focus. Per the sales page for the camera, there has been noted that there is a defect with the auto focus.

A CPU camera lens has electrical contacts on it. This means that it also has the auto focus option, which is where the lens will focus itself.

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