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How do you form a professional football club or soccer team?


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There are three items of business. Money, money, and money. You'll need to join a professional league. The league will have to be approached and you will have to be voted in and pay a membership/sign-up fee. A really big one. You'll need a place to play, both a home field and the community support to construct it or renovate an existing one. That's going to take a lot of money. Much of it from the community, but a lot from you, too. The publicity, and the effort to lobby every concerned politico will be expensive on its own. And the community will have to have some serious guarantees from you (which translates into dollar liability). If you don't have a lot of cash, you won't get the support and backing of the local area. You'll need money to buy players who have the skills to compete in the professional league. And this will cost you a staggering sum. The cost to do all this might easily exceed what it would cost to simply buy an existing team.


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You can join any form of Amatuer Football. However, you can't join a professional club or be payed for playing yet until you are 16

Soccer or 'Association Football' is important to English culture because this form of football is English devised by the 'Football Association' in London 1863. The rulers or 'laws of the game' were written by FA founder Ebenezer Cobb Morley who was also Captain of the Barnes Football Club who played in the first ever soccer game against Richmond Football club in the same year. Since then soccer has taken over the more traditional Cricket in becoming the National game.

"Soccer" is an abbreviation of Association Football, a form of football originally codified by the Football Association when it was formed in 1863..

It is football also called soccer.

Because the game was invented here, a long time before American "Football". Question really ought to be, why do you call football "soccer". Grrr! ---- Soccer is an English coloquial version of the phrase 'Association Football' .The game is called Football NOT Soccer. The word 'Soccer' was used to describe on particular form of league of football.

It was a shortened form of Association Football, which became Assoc. Football, then soccer, similar to the way that rugby was called ruggers.

football club barcalona

FIFA in English stands for the Federation International Football Association, the governing body of soccer/football, futsal and beach soccer.

Football is the common name given to whatever form of football is most popular in that country, including Association Football (soccer), Rugby, American Football (NFL), and so on. It so happens that soccer is the football game most popular in Kerala and in many other countries.

Soccer, 2nd century BC, China, or in its modern form in the early 19th century.

The American had a form of football already so they decide to somehow related AsSOCiation to soccer. they took the letters SOC and called it Soccer.

soccerAnswerAssociation Football or Soccer came before American Football but Soccer is not the oldest form of football it is just one of a group of games created in England, Ireland, the USA, Australia and other English speaking countries in the 19th Centaury. All these games can trace their origins back to medieval Europe.

It began as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, the club changed its name to Manchester United in 1902 and moved to Old Trafford in 1910.

Club soccer is "soccer" between clubs, or as they may be known in North America, franchises. Club soccer generally takes the form of domestic leagues - for example the Premier League, Major League Soccer, the Hyundai A-League, et cetera. It differs from international "soccer" which is played between national sides - for example the World Cup, the European Championship, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, et cetera.

Most likely, since only countries that have another form of football tend to call it "soccer."AlsoThe name of the World governing body for 'Association football' or 'Soccer' is written in French. 'Fédération Internationale de Football Association'(FIFA). Typically the French will use both words but Football is the most popular. It is the same England.

It is the same game you see.There is no difference in any way shape or form. the only difference is in the name, soccer being the American name and football being the English name

American football evolved out of rugby. It wasn't a combination of two games. -actually football was combined from soccer AND rugby.

Soccer is a form of football, and in many ways it is the original form. Modern American football developed from another form of the game, called Rugby after the English school where its rules were codified. Beyond using a leather ball, having eleven players to a side and being played on a lined, grassy field, all that soccer and American football now have in common is some terminology, such as "tackle," "off-side," "kick-off" and "full back."

Football was invented in 1863 in England. The football association was created to organise football in England and other countries were encouraged to have their own football associations.No. Firstly, it's not called 'soccer football'.Football is a popular game which originated from the inter-village sport of 'mob-football'.Football was played at Rugby School, where the rules were adapted to form a new form of football known as "Rugby's Football".Now known as Rugby Football or simply Rugby.Therefore the same person did not invent both football and rugby.ANSWERNo. Soccer and rugby actually evolved from the same type of game. Some clubs emphasized the feet, and other emphasized the hands. When attempts were made to standardize the rules, clubs who emphasized use of the feet founded the Football Association and went on to form what we know as soccer, or association football. Clubs who preferred ball-handling techniques formed the Rugby Football Union, named after Rugby School, where the handling game was popular.

soccer was originally called football in Europe and now here in the U.S we call it soccer for some weird reason which I am not sure about. I call it football if people start calling it football before I die in the U.S I will be a happy person.==============================================================The term football refers to a variety of games played using a ball and where one element of the game is to score goals by kicking the ball. For this reason many people assume that this is where the term originates.Another historical explanation is that football originally referred to a variety of games which were played on foot by peasants, as opposed to the sports of gentry and aristocrats, which often involved horse-riding. There is no conclusive evidence for either explanation.Worldwide, Association football, more commonly known as just "football" or "soccer", is the most popular of all football variants. However, the word football is applied to whichever form of football is the most popular in each particular part of the world. Hence, the word "football" is applied to Association football, American football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, Rugby union football, Rugby league football and other related games. These variations of the game are known as "codes".In the U.K., Association football is the most popular form of the game and so is generally just called football, as Gridiron is the the most popular form in the U.S, it is generally referred to as football, and in order to differentiate the two forms of the game, Association football is generally known as soccer.The word soccer, which is by no means an American term, is derived from the shortening of the word Association to Assoc.

Soccer was invented in England and became popular in Great Britain in the mid-19th century. No one really invented soccer. Soccer was invented in England called football in the 1830's I think the Aztecs invented soccer. No specific person invented soccer, the first people who played soccer were the Romans. Scotland invented soccer, Queens Park was where the first team put a goal bar on the top of the posts. Scotland was the first country to have a professional league starting in 1890 between Dumbarton and the Rangers. The Chinese actually invented soccer and it then spread to England. Later it was perfected which is the game we now know. The Chinese invented soccer, and the British and Romans refined the idea and made the rules easier to understand. South American's invented what we English call football. The English and Italians developed football over a couple of centuries and perfected it to the game we see today. Arguably soccer was invented in London in 1863 when men sat down to codify the games that they had enjoyed playing at their "public schools". An association called "The Football Association" was formed. The word "soccer" is short for "Association Football", as distinct from "Rugby Football", which was another sport codified by ex public schoolboys in the late 19th century. The British invented soccer The Chinese invented soccer in the second and third centuries. The English invented football. football was originally a game a whole village played with a pigs head and you had to get it to the other side of the village without being stopped by the other team, there was little rules at this time. Football then became more structuded when both the English and Scottish added rules, from the Scottish putting a crossbar on a net to form the goals, to some English fool adding the offside rule. The first official team was Sheffield FC which was established in 1857. In short the English invented football... Sambo. that is right sheffield f.c was the ever professional football team which means sheffield invented football. Soccer was invented all over the world

Some non-league football competitions will depend on which league and form of football one is referring to. In European football (soccer in North America) there are tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

Soccer is an alternative name for Association football. The rules for this code of football are known as the 'Laws of the game'. They were wrote in the 19th centaury for and behalf of the Football Association by a man called Ebenezer Cobb Morley in the year 1863. These rules were strongly influenced by the Cambridge rules first drafted in 1848. Other codes of football existed before this such as Rugby football 1823 but as the question is specifically in reference to Soccer earlier games are irrelevant to the question. A form of soccer was invented about 2500 BC.

A game was played in the streets in England in which players were allowed to use any part of the body, including feet and hands, to take the ball from one side to the other. From this game derived Soccer, Football, and Rugby.AnswerThere are many forms of football some of which can be traced back hundreds of years. However, the history of the form of football known as Soccer are well documented. The 'Laws of the game' for 'Association football' also known as 'Soccer' were wrote by a man called Ebenezer C. Morley the first secretary of the newly formed Football Association in 1863. Before this year the word Soccer did not exist.

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