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How do you format a CD-RW?

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July 15, 2015 7:06PM

You can do so by using software like Nero. In case of Nero the

steps involved are as follows: 1. Open Nero Express 2. At the

bottom of the display page there is a "more" option. 3. Click more

option. 4. Select the type of format. 5. select any format type

either Quick Format or Full Format Note: By default the software

takes maximum speed, you can change the speed. Selection of slow

speed is advisable.

The good thing of WinXp is that is enables the user to carry out

the same task. The steps involved are as listed below: 1. Insert

the RW CD in RW Rom. 2. Open the RW CD in windows. 3. On the left

side of the screen there is Tool Bar which from the top contains

two option namely write to the disk and erase the disk. Click on

erase to perform the task. 4. The erase in this case is carried out

at max speed of the RW CD.


Unlike floppy discs, CD-RWs and CD-Rs don't need to be formatted

prior to initial burning. For a CD-RW, just copy off any data you

want to keep and then erase the CD-RW. Formatting is going to erase

the CD-RW anyway.

"(linux)" id="(linux)">(linux)

In linux, the most common utility to use for cd/dvd recording is

"cdrecord". To erase a CD-RW use the command "cdrecord

-blank=disk". If you have multiple burners, and want to specify

which to blank, use "cdrecord -scanbus" to determine it's scsi

address, then specify on the commandline "cdrecord dev=1,0,0

-blank=disk". For more options on what to blank, review "cdrecord


"Solution" id="Solution">Solution

If you put a blank CD into the drive and attempt to read it,

there's nothing for it to read so your computer will ask that

question. First of all you need a CD burner to write anything to a

CD. Secondly I don't think you need to format a CD to write on it.

If there's already data on it your burning software should ask you

if you want to overwrite it. And if there's no data on it, it

should just start writing without any problems.

One thing to note: some CD players and older CDROM drives have

problems reading CD-RW discs. Try putting in a CDR instead and see

if that works better for you.

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If you put the blank CD in on a Windows XP, it should come up with

a message box asking you what you want to do with it. You need a CD

burner (RecordNow works great) and select "burn CD" action. you

then should be able to copy a file over and it may say somthing

like " this CD is blank. Would you like to format?" just follow the

instructions and it should format.

"Solution" id="Solution">Solution

If you are using Windows XP right click on the dirve with the

CD-RW. In the menu that appears you should see a entry called

"Erase this CD-RW". That will clear the data of the CD-RW and you

can use the CD like a blank one.

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Normally, your PC will come installed with what is called burning

software. This is a program that writes stuff to the CDRW in the

first place. In 80% of cases, there is an option to format the CDRW

via this program, but if you can't find that, there are lots of

free trials of other burning software available from the Internet.

A quick search of brought up this which may be of

use to you.

Hope that helps,


When you insert a CDRW, you should go to the computer, then

click on the drive that your CDRW is in. A notice should come up

saying do you want to format, if it does not then, right click and

choose format. Once formatted it is possible to record with your

burning software.

You must format a CDRW if you want to drag and drop files to it

and be able to delete them. This is using "packet writing" software

like Nero InCD. If you just want to use a CDRW disk to "burn" data

to like a CDR disk then no, you don't need to format it, in fact

doing so will make your burning software refuse to operate because

the disk will not be empty. The formatting process will make the

disk unburnable until you erase it.

These comments are about "Is it necessary to format a CD-RW


With my XP Pro OS running IOmega's HotBurn Pro, I've found that

answer to be YES!!! When I erase a disk filled with data, the

formatting also gets erased. Without formatting, none of my Burning

Software can "see" the CD-RW disk in any of my drives.

While searching for a good CD-RW formatting routine, I was

brought here. So I thought I'd pass along the experiences I've had

when I erase a CD-RW.

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