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How do you format a CD-RW to use with Nero?

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July 15, 2015 8:45PM

The version of Nero that I have tells me if a disk is formatted or not, and if it does, asks me if that's what I want to do. V5.572 is the version. Perhaps if you have an older version, it won't do that.


I would suggest you search the internet to understand how CDs and DVDs are

used. There are several formats that can be used with CD-RW and DVD+-RW

that are not in common with the CD-R & DVD+-R formats, but all the R formats

can be used with a RW. Some software has a UDF format that can be used to

allow a CD-RW or a DVD+-RW to be used as a random access hard drive.

Microsoft's operating systems do not support writing to those formats

usually, but it is an addon product. MS has been using a new version of UDF

for the OS DVDs that ship with Vista. If you load one of those UDF writers,

you will probably loose the ability to read the OS DVDs, unless the latest

versions from Nero and Roxio have fixed their drivers.