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formating windows XPYou boot to the windows xp CD and then at the welcome screen hit enter then you will hit f8 at the license agreement. Then you will hit escape to continue. Then you schould have partition one highlight the partition and hit D as in dog to delete it. Then you will get a warraning, hit enter then hit L to finish deleteing. Then you will do the same for partition 2 and then you should have available partion, hit C as in charlie to create and then enter. You should go back to unpartioned space a partion 1 NEW RAW on partion 1 NEW RAW hit enter and use NTFS not quick. It will take 40 min. to format then it will reboot its self, do not press a key,it will start loading windows with 29 min. to go.
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Q: How do you format a drive?
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Command to format a drive?

The command used to format a drive is "Format".

When you format your pen drive you have a error 'drive is write protected' how can you format?

To Format Pen Drive: 1. Right Click Pen Drive and Select Format Option and Mark the Quick Format to Format your Drive (If it is not working then Format Drive without select Quick Format Option) (Now your Pen Drive will be Formatted) YOU RECEIVE ERROR REPORT THEN 2. Right Click My Computer Icon 3. Under Storage > Click Disk Management 4. Then Right Click The USB Drive and Click Format NOW ITs working

What happens when you format a logical drive?

When you format a logical drive you prepare it for use.

How do you format your hard drive in Windows XP?

Boot from a bootable device OTHER THAN the hard drive you want to format. In other words, if you want to format the C drive, boot from a DVD drive, floppy, network or USB, THEN format the C drive.

How do you format a blank hard drive?

* start * my computer * right click on the hard drive * format

What is the difference between ntfs and quick ntfs?

There is no such thing as "Quick NTFS." I assume you are referring to the Windows XP installation screen where you are asked to format the hard drive. The choices presented are:Format the drive as NTFSFormat the drive as NTFS (quick)Format the drive as FAT32 - This will not appear on drives over 32 GBFormat the drive as FAT32 (quick) - This will not appear on drives over 32 GB"Quick" in this context refers to how the installer formats the drive. A regular format will check the drive for errors, while a quick format will not. On a larger hard drive, a full format can take several minutes, while the quick format is much faster.

How do you format drive c when drive can't be locked?

you can't format the drive that you're running windows from while in windows. use the setup disk to run a recovery console and you should be able to format it from there using format c:

Do you lose all your info when you format a computer?

When you format a hard-drive, you will lose any information on that drive.

How do you format a drive with Linux?

To format a partition that is not in use get a program called Gparted. If you need to format the whole drive you need to boot from a Linux CD.

How do you format the hard disk using command line utilities?

To format a drive in command prompt. Open Command prompt with administrator privilege and type the Format Drive letter Type of file system then parameter.likeFORMAT D: /FS:NTFS /Q To format D drive in NTFS file system.FORMAT D: /FS:Fat /Q To format D drive in Fat file syste.

How do you format a flash drive?

You don't format them. They are ready to go as is.

What does it mean to format a hard drive?

to format means to reboot

Will Windows 7 be removed if you format the hard drive?

If you format a hard drive that contains Windows, it will be removed. Formatting a drive gets rid of all of the information on it. However, you can right-click your C:/ drive and click format, but it will not allow you if your current OS is running on that drive.

What is the correct syntax for a format command to test clusters on the disk in drive a that are currently marked as bad?

format /c followed by the name of the drive you want to format.

How do you format a hard drive in DOS?

Use the FORMAT command (enter FORMAT /? for syntax & options).

How many times you can format usp pen drive in its life?

How many times you can format usp pen drive in its life?

How do you format hard drive in DOS?

when in dos, type command:x:\>format x:x = drive letter (this is usually "c")to delete a hard drive boot with a bootable floppy or a win 98 setup disc and write a command format c it wil format then copy the system files and install the windows again.You use the commandFORMAT [driveletter:]where driveletter is the letter of the drive you want to format (usually A: for a floppy or C: for the hard drive).

How do you format Lexar 256MB Jump Drive JDS256?

there is a utility that was shipped on the drive once you run the software it erases it off you have to have the original software to format the drive

How do you format a c drive on a crashed computer?

Run the Windows installation and format it from there.

How often should you format your hard drive?

You should only format your hard drive when it is necessary to do so, such as when you need to reinstall Windows.

Can you format a hard drive without the xp disk?

you can format your drive from DOS, but once you do that you wont have an operating system and your computer will be useless.

How do you format a compressed hard drive?

go to the computer folder. right click on the drive then click format. should still be the same

How do you format CD-r?

Insert the RW-CD in the drive and right click on the cd drive and select the option as format disk

How do you format a hard drive and keep your operating system?

If you want to format a hard drive where Os was installed there is no way how you can do. It's actually impossible.

How do you format a raw usb flash drive under winxp?

How can i Format a Raw USB Flash Drive of 80 GB Capacity. Under Xp Message box showing unable to format