How do you format a nokia 5130-c Express Music if I forgot its security code?

I want to format my N5130 since I forgot the security code, after leaving it idle for months. Please don't suggest that I use *#7370# or any other code in that matter because I cannot even bypass the security code. I have also tried to perform the deep reset (Turn on your phone while pressing: Ke(3) + Green call button + *) but everytime I perform it, the phone completely ignores the command and proceeds with the nokia animation. Its also possible that I'm not performing the procedure correctly but I have tried the deep reset several times and it still hasn't worked. I have also tried the procedure wherein I must key in my IEMI (355212032869846), I got (6513262404) but it does not work. Please suggest other procedures where I can obtain the master security code for my phone or just simply reformat it. I would be deeply grateful

*I cannot access the main screen completely since I cannot bypass the security code request.
*Connecting the phone to a computer would also be counter productive since my phone will not function as a USB without entering the security code.