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How do you freak dance?

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Freak Dance Guidelines

Usually the boy stands behind the girl and the girl swings her hips in either a circular motion, or a figure 8 motion; the boy will most likely follow her lead. Sometimes he will place his hands on her hips (or lower) or he won't use his hands at all. Assuming you're a girl, you can either place your hands on his (if they're on your hips), on your thighs, or you can reach back and touch his face. Make sure that when you're moving your hips you're bending over and in a kind of squatting position (but don't make it too awkward!). If you've been dancing with him for a while, you can lean back into him, (but make sure he's taller than you) and press up against his chest. Lean your head back onto his shoulder while still moving your hips. Then the guy will usually lean forward with his face close to yours or at least your neck. Note that you might think you need to do research or practice before going to a party, but it comes naturally to everyone. Most people go straight into it without knowing what to expect. But the overall thing is getting that butterfly flutter in your stomach when your parter and you are dancing close together. Have fun!

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