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Most people think of jumping forward when doing a front flip. Instead, concentrate on jumping up instead, and throw your arms forward for momentum. So long as you jump high enough and spin quickly enough, your butt should be safe.

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What is easier doing front flip then swim or on the land?

Front flip then swim

Is it easier to do a front flip or a back flip?

Front flip

How do you hard flip?

all you do is put your front foot in a kick flip position and your heel hanging of a bit and pressure the back, kick the board and land

How do you front flip on grass?

flip and then turn

How do you flip the front camera on my tablet?

To flip the front camera on your tablet simply tap on the front camera twice.

How do you do a flip-throw-in in soccer?

: I'm a good player on my team, but i need to know this throw. I'm a beginner in everything about this as when trying to flip I land flat on my butt or back, so any tips would be appreciated.

What is easier on a snowboard front flip or back flip?

back flip because you have to prepare more for a front flip and its alot easier going up hill while trying to do your backflip

Why do you alwase land on the front of the board when i tre flip?

because your probably leaning to forward or flicking you board behind you.. think about it

How do you do a front flip on wii?

Well first of all you need room and space you are going to be running full speed then jump and continue throughout the air like that ,then your going to land and jump again as soon as that happens and that should give you a front flip.

What is pineapple pie?

I think it is when you do a flip in the air but land on your butt on a camels head then you eat a popcicle and lick the leg of the embassador of mexico. Or mabey its a pie with pineapples that you eat

How do you do a front walkover?

you strand straight up and just flip over its easy as 123! but make sure you don't land on your back you should land on your fett and continue

Is Taylor Lautner double jointed?

He can do a back flip and a front flip.

If you do a heel flip and front of your board what do you do to land on the board?

make sure your foot wait are equal if you put your toes out on front foot then you put your heel out on back foot same for putting your front foot in.

Where on the trampoline should you start to do a trampoline front flip?

I think the middle if you are good enough you will be able to land in the same spot on the trampoline, if not go from the side and practise staying in the same spot (try moving backwards a bit while doing your front flip so you land almost in the same spot). PS i am a profesional trampolinist!

Should both feet land at once while landing a front walkover?

It doesn't really matter, but usually not because its not a front flip, so you don't really jump.

Why are a snow leopards front paws bigger than its back ones?

Since Snow Leopards' run front feet first, they need to have bigger paws in the front so when they land on the front paws they don't flip frontwards

How do front flip at Nintendogs?

If your dog loves you and you spend alot of time on it, it might do a front of my dogs done a back flip...and beg...ALL BY ITSELF.....anyway, good luck with the front flipo....:P

How do you land on the bolts on a 360 flip because i keep landing with my back foot on the front bolts and my front foot lands on the ground in front of the nose Whats wrong and what am i doing wrong?

lean back kid

Does butt rhyme with front?

No it does not

What is the difference between a front flip and a front tuck?

There is not a big difference.In a front flip, you do not have to tuck in your feet/calfs, however with the front tuck, your hands have to be wrapped around your feet and bottom part of your legs. So, a front tuck would be a bit easier for some people, and a front flip would be easier for other people.

How could you do a front-flip and a back-flip at the same time?


What are some names for skateboard moves?

kickflip heelflip pop shuv it frontside flip backside flip 360 flip....a.k.a tre flip laser flip varial kick flip varial heelflip front 180 back 180 front 360 back 360 big spin nollie flip nollie heel nollie tre

How many land regions does Vermont have?

100 they are butt ,butt ,buutass

How can you do a front flip on the ground?

ok get some speed (running)Do a small jump or skipland that with both feetthen throw both you arms down while jumping and rotate your bodythen land it

How do you do a front flip?

Front flip(Or front handspring) (with hands) run, not too fastdo a handstand except you have to push off or 'spring' from your handsdon't lose momentumtry to land on your feet, try your first attempt either with someone spotting you or on a trampoline without the run and jump.front tuck(no hands) run fastjump as high as you can, jumping out, instead of on the spot is easiertuck yourself in a ball, not too tight because you have to land on your feettry to land on your feet, on your first attempt get someone to spot you, practice on a trampoline or soft mattress.