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How do you gain the trust back from your boyfriend when he doesn't trust you?

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The only thing you can do is little things that don't matter. Like if you promise to be somewhere be there. Earn his trust back.

2006-08-04 08:08:49
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I want my ex-boyfriend to trust me again because I still want to be with him but I don't know how to earn his trust again?

talk to him, try to be friends if that doesnt work ask him if he wants to hang out to gain his trust back.

I don't think my boyfriend trusts me?

gain his trust, or dump him! gain his trust, or dump him!

What should you do if a girl doesnt trust you anymore?

you should try to gain your trust back by maybe telling the truth so next time she needs you she doesnt find out that you lied.

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

Gain respect from your boyfriend?

Give him a reason to trust in you

How do you gain your boyfriend trust back after going through his phone?

lol, idk, maybe tell him he can go through yours anytime:)

Is there a way to gain a girls trust back when she says you have a lot of trust to gain back?

Yea, but it might take awhile. You'll just have to keep on the right road... and NOT go back

What to say to a girl if she doesnt trust you?

The only way to gain trust is to show that you really want what's best for her. Don't pressure her, then she'll never trust you.

How do you gain trust back with girlfriend?

Be honest and open.

What do bond mean?

Bond mean's to have somebody's trust or to gain their trust such as bonding with your bird or pet or your girlfriend/boyfriend to have a fully connection.

How do I gain my husband's trust back after I lied?

That depends on what you lied about, and why and how.

How do you gain trust back?

Easy, ask for another chance.

Why does your boyfriend question you about where you are?

he may just be asking just to ask or he may think your with another guy but it is okay let him question but, if he keeps questioning you are loosing trust with him and gain it back:)

What do you say to your girlfriend who was badly abused by her last boyfriend she doesnt seem to trust me and i really want her to because i would never hurt her?

A guy who dealing wih trust issues due to a previous abuse relationship that his girlfriend was in should gain her trust by showing her he cares. He should also be sensitive to her feelings and listen to her always.

How do you gain your boyfriends trust back after you broke a promise?

tell him that you feel bad and that you want to earn back his trust. he will like it that your considering his feelings about what you did.

How do you gain back your boyfriend's trust after you cheated on him?

Talk to him, honestly this time.

How can your cat trust you again you hit her hard she was attached to you the first time?

you just have to slowly gain its trust back and sooner or later she will trust you again

How do i regain trust with my husband i cheated on?

Trust is a thing once broken cannot be joined again. He must do something extraordinary to gain back your trust.

How do you gain your girlfriend trust back?

Be a person worthy of trust.It may or may not win her back, but even if it doesn't at least you can walk away as a man of integrity.

HOW TO GAIN trust?

The best way to gain trust.. is to Never loose it. Trust is a very hard thing to gain.. if you loose trust, prove you can be trusted again!

How can you gain back your partners trust after you have cheated?


How do you gain back trust from your partner if you cheated on him?

Film a porno with two of your guy friends.

When should you worry that your boyfriend hasn't texted you back?

It all depends on how long have you none him and how well you trust him. The key thing in a relationship is trust. If you trust him enough to know he is either working or a guys night out. But if you dont trust him all that well and have only been dating for a few months you still shouldn't be too worried in order to build up that trust you must let them gain it first.

How can you gain back yourgirlfriend's trust after you did something that made her lose trust in you?

wait till she needs something. then do it really well. if she says she doesn't trust you persuay her to let you do it.

How do you gain ttust back?

First off, you can't gain anyone's trust back within a matter of seconds. It takes time, patientce and understanding. Start off with helping him/her out with things, being nice, and maybe you will gian their trust once more.