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The s given below are ONLY for USA, Canada and countries using similar 120/240 Volt, 60 Hz mains power supply systems.If the box has 3 wires at 220V you can't get 110V. The reason is you have the two hots and the ground, but not the neutral. If you pull a neutral through the conduit or re-run the *-2 wire with *-3 you can get 110V at this panel.


However, if you no longer want 220V at this fixture you can derate it to 110V. The key here is the current capacity of the old wire. You cannot exceede the current capacity of the wire as that is a fire hazard. Also the fixture must be on a dedicated circuit. You cannot mix 110 and 220, you have to derate the whole circuit. To derate:

  • Get a 110V fixture of equal or lesser current to the old one that you want to use.
  • Get a 110V appropriately sized for your fixture.
  • Remove the 220V breaker and replace it with the 110V breaker. The white wire that went to the breaker now goes to your neutral bus.
  • Replace the 220V fixture with the 120V.

Always, if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, buy a book. It will answer your questions and serve as a handy reference during the job. Do it right or hire a professional. Negligence is fatal with electricity.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB



If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power

at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND

always use an electrician's test meter having metal-tipped probes

(not a simple proximity voltage indicator)

to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

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Q: How do you get 120V from a single circuit breaker box that has a 240V line coming into the box that has one black one white and one bare line?
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How do you replace a 15 amp breaker in the circuit box?

The breaker will have a black wire connected to it. Turn off the main breaker and then disconnect that black wire from the breaker. The breaker will snap into the main bar. Remove the breaker and install the new one. Reconnect the black wire to the breaker and then install the cover and turn the main breaker back on.

What does the tiny black button do on my razor chopper mini?

it's a circuit breaker

How do I get 220 volt circuit?

If you need a 220v circuit at only 15 or 20 amps: Get a new breaker to replace your 110v single pole breaker with a 220v double pole breaker. (You cannot exceed the original breaker's amperage rating unless you also replace the wire with a larger size). Shut off the panel's main breaker (the wires coming into the main breaker will remain hot, so don't touch them.) Remove the old 110v circuit's neutral (white) from the neutral bus bar in your distribution panel. Remove the old 110v circuit's hot (black) from the old 110v breaker. Remove the old 110v breaker. Install the new 220v breaker in place of the old breaker. (This may require you to rearrange some breakers if the old breaker was in between others) Reconnect the black wire to one terminal of the 220v breaker, and reconnect the white wire to the other terminal. Turn on the main breaker, and your new 220v breaker. Before you do this, be sure where the actual circuit goes. Changing 110v to 220v if the circuit is feeding regular 110v receptacles will cause damage to devices plugged into them. Be sure you remove all 110v devices (receptacles) from the circuit before converting it. If you need a 220v circuit for a dryer or other large appliance, your existing wiring will not be sufficient to do the above. You will need to install a new breaker and wiring. For this task, you should consult a professional electrician.

What happens when you cross black and white electrical wires?

Depending on how the two wires are connected in the circuit ,one scenario is the breaker to that circuit will trip.

How do you install a 20amp single pole GFCI breaker?

Simple. The branch circuit you're feeding with the breaker should have a black, (hot), a white (neutral), and a bare ground wire. The bare ground gets screwed under the ground bar with the other grounds. The black wire goes under the appropriate screw on the breaker. Also the neutral goes to the breaker under the screw with a white dot by it. Then the curled up white wire attached to the breaker gets screwed into the neutral bar where all the other white wires are.

Where is the power windows circuit breaker on a 1983 280ZX?

Power Window Circuit BreakerI have a '83 280ZX and am also having power window problems. I was told by our local Nissan dealer service center, there is no fuse or circuit breaker for the power windows. There is a relay switch in the driver's door. None of my windows will let up or down. The switch cost is around $200. I am not sure about the '83 280zx, however on my '82 280zx there was a circuit breaker located in the passenger kick panel. You should see two screws above the fuse box which will remove a black unit that has the circuit breaker bolted onto it.(Just to verify) I also have a '83 280zx and yes thecircuit breaker is also located on the passenger kick.

How does a ground fault circuit breaker provide protection from electrical shocks?

A ground fault circuit breaker detects leakage current between the hot wire coming off the breaker and the neutral/ground since the neutral is bonded to the ground in the panel, if it senses a current of 6 milliamps or more it will trip. Note: no sharing of the neutral for a circuit on a ground fault breaker If a few milliamps from the hot (black) wire do not return on the neutral (white) wire, then a GFCI assumes that current it traveling harmfully elsewhere through your body. So it disconnects. A GFCI can monitor 15,000 milliamps. But if only 5 go missing, then a GFCI trips.

How do you get 120 volts three wire off 240 volts four wire coming from your breaker box?

One hot (black or red) one neutral(white) and green or bare copper (ground). Cap off and wire tape off any wires not used. Disconnect that wire that is not used from the breaker in the service circuit breaker box.and test before putting into service.

How many amps are on a double pole 30 amp circuit breaker?

The 30 A breaker you seem to be describing is a 240V breaker. There should be two black wires or perhaps a black and red wire connected to the two screws on the breaker. So the breaker would trip if more than 30A was demanded by the load with 240V across the load. What you have connected to the breaker should be sized such that the total current is no more than 80% of the 30 A.

Can a 3 pole circuit breaker be used for a single pole?

Yes. Just connect the black wire to one of the poles and the white wire to the white bus bar. Make sure the wire you use is sized for the ampere rating of the breaker. 15 A = 14 AWG, 20 A = 12 AWG and 30 A = 10 AWG.

How many volts goes to a cooktop?

Typical voltage to a residential cooktop would be 208 V. It is usually a three or four wire hookup. The wires will go to a two pole circuit breaker. A black wire will connect to one pole of the circuit breaker, a red wire to the other pole on the circuit breaker. The white wire is the neutral and the green wire is the ground. Always consult an electrician if you're not sure!

How can you wire a normal 120V outlet out of a double pole circuit breaker?

well, the easy answer is, black wire to one pole of the breaker, white wire to the neutral bus with all the other white wires, bare wire to the ground bus with all the other bare (or green) wires. BUT the breaker must be 20 amps or less for residential outlets and you much match the wire size to the breaker, #14 for 15 amp breaker, #12 for a 20 amp breaker AND if there is only going to be one outlet, if it is a 20 amp circuit, the outlet has to be rated for 20 amps. Yes, but why would you want to? It is unclear to anybody else what you are doing and therefore a hazard. Do it right. Use a single pole breaker designed for 110V.

What do you call two black wires that are attached to a single fuse or breaker lug?

double bugged. An illegal wiring connection.

What wire goes to the black nut on the switch?

If the switch has a black screw this is a 3way switch. On a 3way circuit on one switch you connect the black power wire to the black screw, and on the other end of the 3way circuit on the other switch you connect the black wire coming from the light to the black screw.

What is the second function of circuit breaker?

The two functions a circuit breaker can do is protect the circuit from a high current short circuit and through its thermal trip it can protect the circuit from overload conditions. A circuit breaker will trip if too large a draw or current flow occurs across a thermal shunt inside, it can also have a ground fault circuit interrupter integrated internally in case of a difference in potential between neutral and ground resulting from voltage leakage from appliances or to protect against potential electrocutions A double circuit breaker provides access to the 2 legs of 120V in the back plane on the breaker panel. There are now typically 4 wires away from this breaker, a bare ground or earth ground, a white wire for neutral or bonded ground, a black wire for 1 leg of 120 and a red or blue wire for the 2nd leg of 120. You can use either leg and the white wire to access 120 or use the black and red/blue to access 240, white would then be used on the 3rd plug and ground goes to the ground lug or if missing it ties with the white and goes on the 3rd leg.

Do you need a 20 amp single or double pole breaker for your washer?

Washing machines in the U.S. operate on 120 volts. That requires a single pole 20 amp breaker and wired with 12/2 w-ground wire. Black to the breaker, white to the neutral bus bar, and copper ground to the ground bus bar.

How do you hook up a 120V electric circuit breaker?

That question has a complicated answer depending on what you're trying to do. I recommend getting Black &amp; Decker's "Complete guide to Home Wiring".

Can you only use white and black wires on a 2 pole breaker?

Typically the black wire is "hot", and the white wire is neutral. A 2 pole breaker is most commonly used for 240 V, and as such, you would typically use a 3 conductor wire, with black, red and white (+ ground). In a typical application, the black and red are used in the 2 pole breaker, and neutral is connected to the neutral bar in the breaker panel.

Why is the ground wire hot at all outlet boxes on a particular circuit?

Most likely the ground (green) wire is mistakenly connected to hot instead of the hot wire (black) at the breaker panel! Possibly you meant the neutral wire not the ground wire, in that case most likely the neutral (white) wire is mistakenly connected to hot instead of the hot wire (black) at the breaker panel! In either case check all three wires in the breaker panel for that circuit to make sure they are all correctly connected! Black is hot, White is neutral, Green (or uninsulated in some cases) is ground.

How do you find brick breaker?

You can find brick breaker on any Black Berry device.

Is it safe to have two black wires two white wires and two ground wires on a single breaker?

Hopefully just the black wires are on the breaker. Two circuits on one breaker. Shouldn't be a problem. It would depend on how many outlets or lights were on the breaker in total. Even then, there is very little chance of something drawing current from every outlet at the same time. The only thing is you can't put two wires under one breaker (by code). You would have to wire nut them with a pig-tail then just put the one wire under the breaker.

How do you change 110 volts to 240 volts?

You need to change the circuit breaker and sometimes the wiring itself. For example, if you have a 120 volt circuit with a black wire as the hot and the white as a neutral you would take the white wire off the neutral bar of the circuit breaker panel and put it on one leg of a 240 volt breaker. The receptacle would have to be changed as well. The white wire should be re colored to black or red.

Two black wires to a single fuse or breaker lug is called?

A house fire waiting to happen because of electrical wiring done in an unsafe manner.

240V drop black red white bare on a 50A CB installed on the main power panel you want to split ths into two separate 120V circuits using the white as neutral for both will the 50A cb function normally?

It Will To The Exception That It Will Take Over 50 Amps To Kick The Breaker. You Will Have Two Circuits Protected By A Double Pole Breaker. You Could Remove The Strap On The Breaker That Holds The Two Together Giving You 25 Amps Per Circuit. ie One Breaker For The Black Wire And One For The Red Wire. Good Luck No, you will need to remove the double-pole breaker and install a separate breaker for each circuit, preferably no more than 20 A. The neutral and bare grounding wire can serve both circuits.

How do you wire a two wire dome light?

Turn the power off to the circuit first at your Breaker/Fuse panel. Once you know that the circuit is dead, remove the old fixture. One of the 2 wires goes on the black, the other on the white. If there's a bare ground, ground that to the junction box where the fixture is going. Secure the fixture in place with the provided hardware, and turn the power back on at the breaker/fuse panel. If you did something wrong the breaker will trip/fuse will blow.