How do you get 480v 3 phase from 220v single phase?

If you were trying to obtain a 220 voltage from a 480 volt three phase system it can be done with a transformer. To take a 220 volt single phase system and change it into a 480 volt three phase system, it can not be done.

Depending on the amount of money you want to spend to make this happen there is a device on the market called a VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive). On the three phase input terminals you apply your single phase voltage. On the output terminals you connect your three phase motor. When run in this configuration there is an internal switch that has to be changed to let the VFD know that it should be looking for only two lines on the input to be hot. Other wise the VFD thinks that there is a line loss on the three phase input terminals and the unit will not start.

Actually, this is not true. You can go from 220 volt single phase to 480 volt three phase but in a rather cumbersome way. You would first need a phase converter - they have solid state VFD's that will go from single phase to three phase or you can build a simple rotary phase converter. After the phase converter, you will have 208/220 volt three phase power. From there you need a power transformer to step up the voltage.

Remember you have to know whether you want delta or wye configured transformers!