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How do you get 5 stars on your trainer card in Pokemon fire red?

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How do you get five stars on your trainer card fire red?

you have to beat the elite four twice

What happens when you get every Pokemon in fire red an d show it to professor oak?

if you complete your dex you get silver trainer card if you copmplete national you get gold trainer card.

Which trainer has a Venusaur in Pokemon fire red?

no trainer

How do you get 3 stars on trainers card in Pokemon fire red?

There are 3 stars that you can get on your Trainer Card. With each star your card will also rank up to a new colour. 0 Stars (Blue Card): It will begin like this 1 Star (Green Card): Defeat the Elite Four to get the first star 2 Stars (Yellow Card): Catch all 150 Pokémon of the Kanto Region 3 Stars (Grey Card): Catch all 382 Pokémon of the first 3 generations (this does not include certain legendaries like Mew, Jirachi, and Deoxys)

Who is the strongest Pokemon trainer in Pokemon fire red?

Your Rival

What trainer has typhlosion in Pokemon Platinum?

No trainer has that Pokemon in that game. But you can migrate it from Fire Red and Leaf Green I think.

How do you battle a trainer that has a snowrunt in Pokemon platinum?

use a fire Pokemon

What do you get when national pokedex is filled on Pokemon fire red?

your trainer card gets upgraded one level and you get a shiny diploma. yay!! all that work for a diploma

How do you become a five star trainer in Pokemon fire red?


Where is the trainer tower in Pokemon Fire Red?

Northern part of Seven Island

What Pokemon does erika have?

Erika's Pokemon are Victreebel, Tangela and Vileplume! She is a grass trainer and if it's for the game, use a fire Pokemon. It has the advantage!

Where is a trainer with clefable in Pokemon fire red?

if you go to trainer tower on 7 island and play in knockout than you can see clefable

Make your own Pokemon card?

Well, I've tried many things. There are some websites. There was one but it went to some crazy Yu-Gi-Oh looking thing. Or you can 1.outline a pokemon card on a piece of paper. 2.Find what Pokemon your want on the card (or other) 3.Find out what element it is and Basic or not. 4.Then you find a Pokemon card like it and put the type disadvantage and stuff like that. 5. In the box where the Pokemon Picture is draw the Pokemon that you wanted to make a card out of 6. Glue it onto a Trainer/Energy card 7.You have a Pokemon card

How do you fight trainer red in Pokemon silver?

You must have ground,dark,fire,water, electric and fighting Pokemon.

What should you have before you go into the elite four in FireRed?

take your your strongest Pokemon, try to have a lightning and fire Pokemon for the first trainer. then and have a water or flying type Pokemon for the second trainer. the third trainer take a phychc Pokemon and the last trainer has dragons i used my lightning-jolteon, my water type- lapras, my fire type- charizard , my dragon type, dogonite my ground type- nidoking, And my phycic- mr. mime

Is Pokemon FireRed fun in Pokemon FireRed?

If one of the trainer are playing it, then yes, fire red IS fun in fire red (this is MUCH better than the last answer...)

How do you get the gold trainer card on Pokemon FireRed?

To get a gold trainer card in Pokemon Fire Red, you have toBeat the elite four and champion onceCapture all the pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex, except MewCapture all the pokemon in the National Pokedex, except Mew, Ho-ho, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi, and DeoxysJump 200 times in the Pokemon Jump and also get 200 berries in the Dodrio Berry PickingYou have to complete all tasks listed above, but in any order.

Where can you buy the TM blizzard Pokemon fire red?

A Pokemon card shop.

Who is the strongest Pokemon trainer in games ever?

The strongest Pokemon trainer is definitely trainer Red from Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold. All his pokemons are above level 80, way stronger than Steven from Emerald, and Blue from Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red. Amanzio from Pokemon White/Black wifi.

What does the pokeball mean on a Pokemon card?

It means the card is from the fire red and leaf green card pack.

How do you get a Pokemon from oaks lab in Pokemon fire red version?

you don't really get oak's rare Pokemon but you can trade with friends. good luck Pokemon trainer ;P

Is there cheats in Pokemon deluge?

yes by clicking d change attacks vs fire trainer your Pokemon level goes up!!!!!!!!!

Pokémon Pearl Pokémon League?

the Pokemon league is actually the elite four 1.Aaron the bug type trainer 2. Bertha the ground type trainer 3. Flint the fire type trainer 4. Lucian the psychic type trainer but there is one last trainer the Pokemon champion Cynthia she has mixed types.

Do kids sometimes feel like they can transform into a Pokemon?

Some thoughts from different people:No, but I always wanted to be a trainer in the reality, no a Pokemon!!!Yes children have a big imaganation, and some belive they can.No but I always wanted (and still do!) want to be a trainer!Because I'm a true Pokemon trainer! I even have my own poke ball, and stuff! I'm the Pokemon trainer in fire red and leaf green!No, but I always wish I were a Pokemon! Well, actually, I wish I were a trainer, and we lived in a Pokemon world.Answer i wish i could b a pichu

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