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Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you get 99 MasterBalls in Pokemon LeafGreen Version?

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first get 999 pokeballs then go beat the elite four then talk to proffer oak he changes your pokeballs into masterballs

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Where do you find 99 masterballs inside the ship in gold version?

Lols, you can't find 99 masterballs, someone have tracked you. But u could get 99 masterballs! If you make your Pokemon hold a masterball, then clone him, if u clone him right will you have 2 pokemons, and both is holding masterballs.

How do you get a 99 masterballs on Pokemon sapphire?

Level up the 3 regis to lvl 100 and u speak to a girl in lilycove department she gives you 99 masterballs. IT WORKED ON ME! :D

What is the action replay code to get masterballs in Pokemon emerald?

D935946C D758DF54 This is the code that replaces the item in slot 1 of your PC with 99 masterballs.

Can you get master balls with action replay on emerald?

Personally, i do not know about emerald, BUT, I did with mu LeafGreen, and got like 99 masterballs from my brother's friend's replay.

Pokemon Pearl 99 masterballs cheat?

b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000f4c 03e70001 d2000000 00000000

Pokemon red vers ion you have only 9 masterballs when you beat a glitch Pokemon you thought it was 99?

i thought it was aswell but then i had a glitch and found that it was 9

How do you get 99 masterballs on poke'mon sapphire version?

i dont think you can but dont quote me on this i could be wrong. this is just what i think. sry if its wrong. =)

Is their a code for 99 masterballs in any Pokemon game?

No but there is a way to clone items in emerald. ask how to and I'll answer it, but @ the moment i cant be stuffed

How do you get 99 master balls in Game Boy Advance in Pokemon FireRed version if i already used my master ball?

You have to have gameshark to get 99 masterballs. Gameshark is a cheating system that allows you to type in codes and get/do certain things. the pokemon firered masterball code is: master code:000014D1 000A 10044EC8 0007 masterball code:82003884 0001

Ar code for platinum 99 masterballs?


How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon diamond?

== == you get masterballs in diamond and pearl by gotting a wifi mystery gift on Christmas, GMT use cheats

Get 99 masterballs in PC in ruby?

get an action replay for 20$

How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon Yellow version?

you have to do the missingo glitch with whatever item is in the sixth slot will have 99

Pokemon emarld how to get a charzarid?

The only way to get Charizard is trade it from LeafGreen and FireRed. Like my Frawol Lv.99

What is the cheat for 99 masterballs in Pokemon pearl?

well you need the action replay game cartridge cause with that you can clone your Pokemon in a sec just give the Pokemon your cloning the masterball to hold and clone him the clone and the original will be holding the masterball

Can you get 99 masterballs on sapphire?

you have to use cheat codes ok hopes this helps

How should i get 999 masterballs?

Impossible. But, with action replay, (Only works with DPPt), you can get 99 of every single TM, HM, Pokeball, Item, Medicine, everything known to Pokemon.

How do you get 99 masterballs in Pokemon sapphire without a gameshark?

get the three regis then hard part level them all to level 100 or above 50 then go to lilycove and talk to the lotterywomen in the depart ment store she will give you 99 master balls

How do you make item x99 in Pokemon fire red version?

i dont know but you buy 99 of them

How do you get 99master balls on Sapphire whithout cathcing the three redgies?

Use a cheating device. You can't get 99 masterballs on sapphire after catching the three regis without a cheating device. Also you din't need any regis to have 99 masterballs.

What is agameshard on Pokemon Emerald?

A Gameshark is a cheating device that is very similar to an Action Replay and a CodeBreaker. GameShark will alter the your Pokemon Emerald Game and its items such as giving you 99 MasterBalls and such as things like that, as well as giving you 9999999 PokeDollars.

How do you get 99 rare candies on leafgreen?


What is the master ball cheat for pokemon emerald?

here is the code for 99 masterballs in pc slot 1 - Master code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Master Ball x 99 D935946C D758DF54

What is the highest level place in leafgreen?

i think is its 99

What is the cheat for 99 masterballs?

There is no cheat,With the action replay you can or with extreme luck win the lottery 999 times.