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How do you get Arceus without AR?

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to get arceus just go to jubilife city and go to the tv center, go to the 3rd floor and talk to the man standing next to a woman and he will ask you to tell him somthing. in the first box put in "everybody" and in the next "happy" then he will ask you if you want to continue talking, say yes and put in the first box "wi-fi" and in the second "connection" then he will say he can pull some strings for you and get you the mystery gift after that save and turn off and on the ds and in the Pokemon menu you will see the option called mystery gift, go on it and get it off the option called "get from wi-fi" or if you cant find it go on the third option, but before you get it off wi-fi you must wait for a Nintendo event and get it on that day. after all that you will get the azure Flute. go back and and play the game and go into any shop and talk with the green man and he willgive you the azure flute in item form now go to were you found palkia or dialga. once you reach spear pillar it will ask you if you want to blow the flute, click yes and you will play an eerie tune and stairs will apear save and go up them once you reach the top you will be fighting a level 80 arceus

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How do you get arceus without an ar or event?


How do you get Arceus without using AR?

Distribution Event

How can you get an arceus without a mystery gift trade an event or an AR?

You can't.

How do you get arceus without events?

you can cheat with AR but it mite ruin ur game

How do you get Arceus without AR or Azure Flute on Pokemon Platinum?

u dont

How do you get lv 100 arseus on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get arceus on heartgold without AR.

What is the AR code to get a cursed Arceus?

there is not a cursed Arceus AR out and I doubt there will be. Unless you make the AR code yourself, its probably impossible.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get arceus without the event?

There is no other way other than cheating with an AR

How do you get arceus without ar in Pokemon platinum?

Hey, I cant get him either... But I dont think that you can. My friend told me.

How do you catch Arceus without master ball?

if its in a cave use dusk balls and ultra balls or just go and get arceus by ar or action replay codes but u should have had saved that master ball for arceus

What is the cheat code to get Arceus?

you dont need codes for arceus!for more info ask "how do you get arceus by using ar"

Do you need all the plates to catch Arceus?

No, you do not need all of the plates to catch Arceus. You can use the plates to change Arceus' type, though. Arceus is only available by event (which has long since passed). You can also use an AR (action replay) to hack the game and get an Arceus, all without plates.

How can you get arseus in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use a game shark or an ar, cause there is curently no way to aquire Arceus without cheats.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon platinum without ar?

You have to wait for a Nintendo event to come to a nearby store. You can also connect online using the DS. A Nintendo event has not yet happened for Arceus in Platinum.

Can you get the azure flute without AR on Pokemon diamond if you already have the mystery gift?

NO, you need action replay for it . the azure flute is for arceus.

How do you get the flute to Arceus?

Nintendo event or ar code

What is the ar code for the 12th movie arceus?


How can I get Arceus Shaymin And Darkrai without AR?

HE SAID WITHOUT AR! so first u need to go to toysrus when there is an event. download the gifts and use them at the spear pillar, route 224, and canalve citys lockked door.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon Platinum using ar?

go to the sky pillar and use the arceus whistle item

How do you get Arceus without a azure flute?

Its not possible to get arceus without the azure flute

What is the AR code for arcus omega form?

there is no Arceus Omega.

How do you catch Arceus on soul silver?

you don't you need ar

Can you catch arceus without azure flute?

Only on AR (Action Replay) or R4 AR: Use the cheat code R4: Tick the cheat off and press L+R in a patch of grass.

How do you get Arceus o pokemo diamod without cheats?

You can't catch Arceus without cheats.. You can get it when an event is going on about Arceus..

Can you get arceus without azure flute?

probably not. the only other way might be to us ar (Ation replay) or another type of cheat sorry :(