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How do you get Aurora pass in Pokemon FireRed?


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how do i get the aurora pass without wireless link

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to get the aurora pass i think you need to get it through a mystery gift, or if you use an action replay then you can get it from that by cheating.. hope that helps!!!

A mystery gift you can obtain in firered is an aurora ticket and a mystic ticket.

you need to get aurora ticket in nentendo event

The tri pass is given by bill, the rainbow pass is given by celio, the mystic ticket and aurora ticket are both unavailable unless you cheat.

Yes, but you must have the Aurora pass to get to it on the 9th island. Aurora pass can only be obtained from a live event.

I am playing fire red and I've never even heard of the mystic and aurora tickets.

Get an Action Replay and get the Aurora Ticket and go to Birth Island.

The rainbow pass is a key item in Pokemon FireRed version. To trigger the events to get it, you first need to own 60 different Pokemon.

You need to go to a pokemon event to get navel or aurora pass.

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon which has various different forms. To find one in FireRed version, you need to have an Aurora Ticket.

There is only one way to legitimately get an Aurora Ticket in Pokemon FireRed. You have to go to a Nintendo event in real life.

yes, you get the mystic ticket or the aurora ticket, cant remember which.

for lugia and deoxys it is called the mystic pass to be axact

its on birth island and you need an aurora ticket. you get in the mystery gift's Nintendo event

You have to obtain the Aurora Ticket from a Nintendo Event.you need a game shark

Getting the Aurora Ticket with an EmulatorYou have to get all the legendary Pokemon (moltras, zaptose, Aricuno, suicune, Ricu, and the other Pokemon but I forgot the other Pokemon's name but you know what I mean) and then you have to show then to bill and then he'll give you an aurora ticket.

I think I found the answer on the following:- http://www.kidzworld.com/article/5303-pokemon-firered-and-leafgreen-game-cheat-aurora-ticket Good luck.

have at least 60 Pokemon in your'e pokedex , then , you talk to oak and he'll give you the sevi pass .

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you put the bulders in the dark hole

close your eyes ..... and count to ten

there is no liberty pass in fire red instead there is a ferry pass .......

easy go to mysterygift option and click on wonder giftThere is currently no way to get the Aurora Ticket in Pokémon FireRed because you had to go to a special Nintendo Pokémon distribution event which is no longer available.

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

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