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Q: How do you get Blockland servers when you download it?
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Related questions

How do you download songs on Blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB) where you can download anything for Blockland.

How do you downlod Blockland village?

You have to go to Return To Blockland to download stuff for Blockland.

How do you download add ons for Blockland?

If there's a download link, click it. If you go to a website, download it. Just download it. When you get to the download window. Click "SAVE" Save it. Then it will download it for you. after you do that, restart Blockland. and it will be in your "Blockland Add-Ons" tab in your "Start a server" Option.

Can you download return to Blockland for free?

you can DOWNLOAD it! download (the orange block) its return to blockland but renamed to orange block. i hope you enjoy it and my name in that game is david_cz

How do you download new maps on blockland?

You can find them at the Blockland Forums Or The RTB Download Manager

Does Blockland need LAN for online servers?

It depends on your computers connection to the internet.

How can you download blockland without using the blockland website?

I don't know but on the site it does say no spyware and virus

How do you get Blockland demo?

Download the demo at

How do you get a policecar on blockland?

Go to the blockland forums and search for the police car. Then you download it and place it in your Add-Ons folder.

How do you transfer a blockland account to another computer?

You download Blockland onto the computer that you want it on and then type in you authentication code.

Is there a way to get Blockland free?

Yes, you download the free trial.

Do you HAVE to buy Blockland?

A Demo Version of Blockland is avalible to download, but it is very limited.If you would like to remove the said limits you can buy a Blockland Key from the website found here:

Do you have to pay for Blockland tbm version?

NO you dont but you can for the other blocklandgo to this site to download the vanilla blockland and TBM

Where can you get Blockland full version for free?

Blockland cannot be gotten for free, nor can it be hacked so you can get it free. When bought, Blockland generates a key, therefore, that is your key that you enter. If you have a friend who plays blockland but doesn't really want his/her key anymore, ask him/her if you could have it. Blockland is not a "Full Version Download" like some games. It is a key-enter game.

How do you get rtb and Blockland?

You download it and drag to addon file. You google the file :)

Is it safe to port forward for Blockland and Minecraft servers and stuff?

Probally. Dont try it though. probably dangerous.

I bought the game Blockland but it only lets me go on LAN servers. Why?

It is either from the connection of your internet or the other person's internet.

How do you download and use add-ons in Blockland?

First, got to Look in the Add-On's section, Download the file, and put it in the Add-Ons folder for Blockland. Then, when you start a game, click Add-Ons, and check the ones you want.

Where to download City RPG for Blockland?

Either the forums Or rtb, SIMPLE.

Are there any good games like Roblox that do not require you to download anything?

Blockland, but you still have to download it, or there's MoshiMonsters, another is ChallengeYou.

How do you get Blockland for free?

You can, just download it. But certain things are only available if you buy it for 20 dollars.

How do you setup RTB to be able to host a dedicated server on Blockland?

You have to download an add-on for the dedicated server.

How does the pirate bay work?

People upload files and then people can download them. They have servers which is where the files are uploaded and you can also download the files from their servers. However most if not all of the files on those servers are illegal.

How do you get to Blockland?

You go to this link here then click download then its downloading then you have block land in demo mode.

How do you start a trench war in Blockland?

You download it from RTB and follow the directions as to how you set it up in the description of the add-on.