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You find her, then click on the shirt button on the upper right hand corner, then click on Copy Cat. Then you click her beauty mark/ mole until you have it.

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How many copy cats are there in poptropica?

how many copycats

Where do you find the last copycat on poptropica?

There Are 2 Two Copy Cats In The Chandelier (left & right)

How do you get the two copy cats that are in the bank on the top floor in Power Island on Poptropica?

You click the elevator button and hop into it

How do you get all of the copy cats before time runs out on poptropica?

What you do is simple: pass and/or jump past all of the Copy Cats and the Copy Cat at the desk goes "POW" and she goes to jail. shes the one at the top of the elevator make sure you cuff her now the owner of the bank is not crying

How many copy cats are there?

there r 15 copy cats

When was Copy Cats - album - created?

Copy Cats - album - was created in 1988.

" If there were ten copy cats on a boat and a fish jumps out of the water and goes back in how many copy cats would be in the water?

i think ten??????

What do you when your computer won't catch all Copy Cat's clones on Poptropica?

if u don't catch all of copy cats clones the start u from the beginning of the game (well not the beginning they'll start u from the outside of the bank)

Where are all the copy cats?

here are all locations of the copy cats:lamp,lamp(both on ceiling),window cell,and then the 2 floor that is where all the copy cats are

Who do you catch after copy cat on poptropica?

Sir Rebal

How do you copy a whole costume on poptropica?

you can't on most of them

Well on poptropica where are all the copy cats hidden?

to catch all the copycats before you go over to theelevator and make it come down so when your trying to catch them you don't waste you time.

Sample copy of a beauty pageant proposal?


Where is jewelry in Poptropica?

You can copy any jewelry items worn by the interactive (Poptropica) characters. However, unless you buy them from the Poptropica Store, you will lose them if you take them off.

Where is Copy Cats house in Pokemon Blue?

Copy Cat's house is in Saffron City.

What is the easiest way to trim the bonsai trees on Poptropica?

Simply copy the useful diagram the Poptropica so conveniently gives you.

How do you get the dog face on poptropica?

I think you have to copy it from the dogs on spy island

Why were Chinese temples built?

Because they are copy cats

In poptropica where is the spy clothes?

use the costumizer tool and copy it from the other spies

What will you do in the blocks inside the sphinx in poptropica?

copy the pattern shown bellow the platform.

How do you make your hair brown on poptropica 24 hour carrot island?

you have to it copy

On Poptropica how do you get freckles just around the cheeks on Poptropica?

You can use the Costumizer to copy that facial feature from the "nerds", but in their case those are supposed to be "pimples". ;-)

What are copy cats?

an annoying person who copies someone or something usually you say copy cat when theyre really annoying and stupid, and they copy everything you do

Why can't you copy people's items in the poptropica customier?

Becau s you r ugly

How do you win the sipting contest in wild wild west poptropica?

you copy the other dud