Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

How do you get DTC codes for on 1998 jeep 5.9 limited?


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I'm wondering if you are looking for a list of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes and what they mean or if you are wanting to know how to get any codes that may be stored on board due to a fault that's occurred.

On model years 96 and later the only way to obtain the codes is by using a scanner that plugs into an outlet typically located under the dash on the drivers side near the side wall. The scanner will display any active codes. It would probably be less expensive to just take the vehicle in to a repair shop that has a scanner than to buy one.

If you want a list of all codes that can be shown you can obtain these codes and an explanation of each by purchasing one of the popular repair manuals from publishers such as Hayes or Chilton. Usually these manuals are available at your local library in their reference section and contain a wealth of other information.

Hope this helps and Good luck to you !!