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How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon pearl version?

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you get event Pokemon then go cacth creselia and go to canalave city walk to the harbor inn and stay there for a night the you will have a dream you will be on a island and walk up to a puddle and darkrai will be there

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What legenderys can you get in Pokemon Pearl?

Dialga (Diamond Version) Palkia (Pearl Version) Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf Darkrai, Arceus, Shaymin

Is Pokemon Darkrai version fake?

Yes, Pokémon Darkrai Version is a fake, it's a hacked version of a Pokémon game. it must be a hacked version of Pokemon platinum,diamond or pearl. i havnt heard of that game before and Pokemon is very popular so if there was a game called Pokemon darkrai then there would be adverts on tv

How do you get darkri for pearl version?

to find out, you coud get on and look "Darkrai in Pokemon pearl" or get on a website called

Were is Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl?

You dont catch Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl. You can catch it in Pokemon Platinum at level 40.

How do you lose the 5th gym badges in Pokemon Darkrai version?

There is no Pokemon darkrai version!

Is Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald?

No. Darkrai first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which is after Pokemon Emerald.

In Pokemon Pearl how do you get Darkrai?

you catch him

How do you find Darkrai on Pokemon Ruby?

Darkrai is a Pokemon from Generation IV, and Pokemon ruby is a game from Generation III , so you can only get darkrai in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond or Pearl

How do you migrate Darkrai from Pokemon ranger shadows of almia to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You have 2 Nintendo DS then send the darkrai (You have to have the mystery gift in diamond or pearl)

Which Pokemon cant you get on pearl?

its both darkrai or criselia

Code for Darkrai in Pokemon pearl?

Find darkrie

How do you get Darkrai in your Pokemon Ranch?

Import it from Diamond or Pearl.

What Pokemon can you get through a glitch in Pokemon Pearl?

Shaymin and Darkrai. Search for pearl tweaking glitch on youtube.

Where is Darkrai Pokemon SoulSilver?

Darkrai is an event Pokemon, and cannot be found through normal game play. Darkrai thus cannot be found in SoulSilver. Darkrai was an event Pokemon that was available for Diamond and Pearl, but not for SoulSilver.

Which rare Pokemon are there in pokemon Diamond?

there are alot of them, palkia is in pearl version, dialga, heatran, regigigas, giratina, darkrai, arceus, mesprit, azelf, uxie and cresselia are in diamond.

How do you get a Darkrai on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Darkrai is not avalible on leaf green, only in diamond, pearl and platinum.

Pokemon Pearl secret Pokemon?

their are a few of them Manaphy,Phione,Darkrai and Shaymin

Pokemon ranger 2 is there anything to give to Pokemon pearl?

Manaphy and Darkrai. 

What is the rastest and hardest to obtain Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

darkrai and arcus

How do you get Darkrai on Pokemon HeartGold?

Sorry, you can't, but you can in a Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game.You can only obtain a Darkrai by having someone trade it to you.

How do you catch Darkrai on Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to trade from diamond or pearl

Can you get Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl?

There are two ways one can get Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl. One way is to use an action replay code and another is to obtain a special item through an event.

Is Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald version?

No, Darkrai is not available in Emerald, not even through cheating devices

Pokemon pearl how do you get a shiny Darkrai with yellow eyes?

buy it at the rare Pokemon store

Why is the Pokemon Darkrai banned from battle tower in Pokemon pearl?

Probably because its a legendary.