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well you need to beat the elite 4 and then get the national dex then go to beebe and she will give you a lvl 5 eevee.

If you want another eevee you can get it in the Pokemon mansion.Just talk to the owner and say yes to his 2 question,but it takes time b4 he say eevee was in his garden.

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Where do you get Eevee in Pokemon platnium?

by-Pokeexpert980 You can get Eevee in trades with friends or you can get an Eevee in PLATNIUM by talking to Bebe in Hearthome next to pokecenter but in PEARL/DIAMOND you must complete Sinnoh Dex and then talk to Bebe in Hearthome and BOOM you got yourself a Lv.20 Eevee for PLATNIUM and a Lv.5 Eevee for PEARL/DIAMOND

Who can evolve with a thunder stone in diamond?

eevee and pikachu. eevee and pikachu.

Can you get ebve on Pokemon Pearl?

If your talking about EEVEE , No you cant ,You can only get it in Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red ,Then you can Migrate it into Pokemon Pearl ( Or Diamond )

Who gives you Eevee?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you can receive Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome city.

What would happen if youre Eevee and your bibarel had an egg diamond?

it would depend on the gender of the pokemon. If the eevee was a girl, it'd be an eevee

How do you get more then one Eevee in diamond?

You can breed an eevee with a ditto or any of its evoved forms with a ditto. Enjoy

How do you get espeyon in Pokemon diamond?

Kindness to eevee at daytime.

How do you catch an Eevee diamond?

You can find them at the Trophy Garden.

What Pokemon will the leaf stone work on in diamond?


Can you breed Ditto with Glaceon to get Eevee in Pokemon diamond?

Yes you can. Since both Glaceon and Ditto are breedable Pokemon. You can also breed any Eevee evolution as well as Eevee with Ditto to get an Eevee.

How do you make an Eevee egg?

You cannot catch eevee in Diamond or pearl, but you may obtain an eevee in platinum version at bebe's house. you have to match it's egg group. But get a female eevee first

Where do you find an Eevee on Pokemon diamond DS?

bebe gives you an eevee after you have the national pokedex and have beat the elite four

Where do you find Eevee's in Pokemon diamond?

in diamond, if you want eevee instantly go to bebe in hearthome city next to the Pokemon center for one or keep talking to the owner of the Pokemon mansion and soon he'll say there are eevees in his garden.

How do you evolve eevee into Jolteon in pokemon diamond?

Use a thunderstone.

When will Bebe give you an EEVEE in pokemon Diamond?

After you get the National Dex

Can Bebe give you a shiny eevee in Pokemon diamond?

of corse

How do you get mrbacklot to talk about eevee in Pokemon diamond?

get the national dex

How do you get an eevee on Pokemon diamond without the national dex?


What level does Eevee evolve into Umbreon at night in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to make Eevee really happy while it's is evolving,there is no certain level that will make Eevee evolve.

Where can you get Eevee in Pokemon Diamond?

go to hearthrome city and go into the house next to the pokemon center There is a girl in there and she will give you the eevee

How do you catch Eevee in pearl?

the only way to get eevee in diamond or pearl is by trade or you can migrate it from leafgreen and firered. sorry=l

How do you capture Eevee?

you can capture eevee in diamond and pearl in trophy garden with the national dex and obtain one from Bebe in hearthome

How does Eevee evolve into Glaceon in pokemon diamond?

You level up eevee near the ice-covered rock on Route 217.

What is the AR code for infinite eevee eggs on Pokemon diamond?

Here is an action replay code for infinite Eevee eggs on Pokemon Diamond. 83007CEE0086 is the code and it has been tested and verified to work.

Where can ifind a evree Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon's name is actually called Eevee. In order to find a Eevee in Pokemon Diamond, you have to find Bebe. After you find Bebe, she'll trade you through PC.