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How do you get Jirachi?

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You can only get Jirachi through a special distribution that Nintendo held that is no longer available however you would be able to have downloaded Jirachi from the pre-order bonus disc that came as a bonus gift for pre-ordering Pokémon Colosseum in the U.S. and then you would be able to download it into either Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire at which point it could be migrated into the Nintendo DS Pokémon games.

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Where is jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

jirachi is not in sapphire

Can you get kelceon from the jirachi?

No, you cannot get Kecleon from Jirachi.

Where is jirachi on seven island?

jirachi is not on seven island, you get jirachi from the Pokemon colosseum preview disc.

Is Jirachi stronger than Manaphy?

I think manaphy is storger then jirachi because it can bond with jirachi

Can you have a jirachi egg on soul silver?

Jirachi does not breed. The only way to have a jirachi egg is through hacking.

Where can you find jirachi?

you will find jirachi in mirage island

Do you have to pay to get jirachi from Gamestop?

no but the jirachi event is over.

Jirachi is a legendary Pokemon?

Jirachi is a Mythical Pokemon.

If you trade jirachi to soul silver will you get night sky's edge?

only if you got the jirachi suprise the event jirachi

Can you get jirachi in Pokemon Platinum?

There Will Be A Upcoming Pokemon Event And It Is About Jirachi.

How do you get Jirachi in Outerspace in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't get Jirachi in Outerspace.

Where is jirachi on darkness?

jirachi is in the final maze floor 23

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch Jirachi.

What event is jirachi?

It is called Edge of Night Sky Jirachi

Can you get a jirachi in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you cannot get Jirachi in Pokemon platinum.

How do you recruit jirachi in explorers of sky?

first : you have to beat bidoof's wishsecond :you have to try to get a challenge letter from jirachithird : beat jirachi !finally : recruit jirachi at the guildthis sounds easy!!

What type of Pokemon is jirachi?

Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic type pokemon.

What do you do with jirachi in Pokemon platinum?

You r@pe him DO what YOU want TO DO with Jirachi do you have to ask that??

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant catch a jirachi

Who does jirachi evolve into?

Jirachi does not evolve into any Pokémon.

Can jirachi learn Draco meteor?

only EVENT Jirachi can know it

Is jirachi legendery?

Yes, Jirachi is a Legendary Pokémon.

How do you catch jirachi on Sapphire without using an acrion replay?

you can get jirachi on Pokemon Channel a GameCube Game at the end of the game you'll get jirachi

Where do you get Jirachi?

You get it with either the bonus disk from Pokemon Colisseum or from a Pokemon event distributing Jirachi. Its the 26th and a jirachi gamestop event starts tomorow.

Ar code to get game stop jirachi in Pokemon?

You have to go to GameStop for the GameStop Jirachi...hacking only gives you the hacked n00b Jirachi