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How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen?



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Here are the two ways to get the Pokemon Jirachi in Pokemon FireRed Version.

1. Have you heard of the truck behind the S.S. Anne, well its crap. so here's how you do it. after you become the champion and unlocked the national Pokedex, and have your starter at lv 75 or above and become the champion. Go and talk to your mom 42 times and she will say that she is lonely now that you and your dad are gone. She will then ask you to go and find your father, if she doesn't ask this just continue with the following steps. First, walk to Indigo Plateau, not fly or ride your bike, just walk, and then talk to nurse joy. She will say she remembers your father and that he was dear friends with lt. surge. Fly to Vermillion City and stand in front of the gym for five minutes, but more is better. then go inside and talk to surge. he tells your father left to find the Pokemon of legends. go to Seafoam islands and there is your dad. Talk to him and he will battle him. he has a lv. 85 Jirachi, a lv.85 Deoxys, a level 90 mew and a lv. 90 Celebi. once you win he will reward you with any one of his Pokemon.

2. The final way is to use an action replay with this code. Its long but it works, it also gives you Deoxys 06FA6E00 443EAD68 4B929AED 77AB98BB 531AB93A 7FC76D19 661CC711 AAE95A41 2A911BB7 E5F518FA C76B9E3F F1AC6D6C 8677DB32 2987F3ED A522E473 8A133177 787818C9 4EA00565 C97EFCDF FCA5962F CF9D9EA1 032BCE0E 39E924C4 4136A9DD B751BDF4 95CEF4CC B4564EFE UDUM8A55 JFDAKJKD
You cannot get Jirachi on Pokemon FireRed. The only place to get a legitimate Jirachi (at least in the US) is to import it from a Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk into a Ruby or Sapphire game, and then trade it up to a later game.
Jirachi is only available on a special disc of Pokemon Colosseum that costumers received when they pre-ordered the game. The disc features a demo of the game along with a movie preview and the special gift of Jirachi you can receive the pokemon if you have the GBA to GCN cable and a copy of either Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered and Leafgreen. Note you must have the National Pokedex for Firered and Leafgreen and have delivered the Ruby and Sapphire to Celio in the One Island pokemon center. For ruby, sapphire and emerald you must become pokemon champion at least once and for emerald you must obtain the national pokedex as well. Lastly you must have your game saved in the pokemon center with an open slot in your PC Boxes or your pokemon party then press A on the special gift and follow on screen instructions from there.