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Here is how you get Latias and Latios In Pokemon Sapphire & RubyTo get Latias and latios you have to beat the Elite four and when you are finish beating them up you are going to be in your house and then go down the stairs and watch the T.V. and they will say something about latias/latios what they are saying is that latias/latios is roaming hoen so you have to search the sea and the land to find latias/latios don't worry because they will be only in the olace where normal wild Pokemon appear if you have a sapphire version you need the Eon ticket to get latios or you can just ask your friend that has a latios to trade him to you and if you have a ruby version you need the same thing I mentioned before. happy catching!!!!!!!!Latias does not have a specific place in Hoen.I have a fiew tips on how do get Latias .First, if Latias is in your area use a repel or super repel.Why?Because it will only have an affect on the Pokemon that aren't Latias. Two, you need a Pokemon that that has an ability that won't let a wild Pokemon escape in battle.For example,Wobeffet that is the only one I know of that has that ability.You can also put it to sleep.It can still escape when poisand or paralized.Three.If Latias is not in your area you can always move in between routs till it comes to you area(see step 1,2). Latias only will come around Slateport to Ever Grand City only in that area,and all in between! Good luck. It also has the move Teleport, keep the in mind.

Actually I got latias in sapphire, First you need a Pokemon with block or mean look because it is hard to train wobbuffet.

Concluded n worked:

Most probably near Mawille city.

At route 118, thr's a small indent so make a secret base to go in n out of it, rather than changing routes or buildings, grass is jz outside, way more efficient.

Everytime u go out, check around 10 Pokemon encounters, then change,within an hour i assure u'll get it.

Last time i tried, only took me 1/2 hour, then i threw a master ball at it.You can get latias on sapphire, first you have have to beat champion which you probably already know next you got to go to the television in your house and it would say something about a flying red bird. That would be latias, the most common place it goes are above water and in the route under the bike road. I recommend using a masterball to catch latias because it's the only thing runs from you like crap.after you beat the elite four
First, beat the Elite Four. Then watch tv. Then run around catching all the Pokemon that you skipped the first time. Eventually, you'll bump into Latias/Latios. Once you have seen her/him, you can find it via your PokeDex. You'll need a Pokemon with Arena Trap, Destiny Bond, or something to keep it from running. If possible, weaken it as much as possible w/o killing it. then throw balls like crazy. You'll get it eventually.

To encounter Latias/Latios after seeing it, go to the entrance to Cycling Road near Mauville. Keep going in and out of the door and checking your locator whenever you are outside. When the Pokemon is in your area, run to the grass and battle!

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After becoming the champion latias can be found on any route, search on each route in the grass or even the water and you may eventually find it my suggestion is to use the masterball on it however if you don't have it have a wobuffet be sent and use mirror coat to weaken it when its weak enough start throwing ultra balls.

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Q: How do you get Latias in Pokemon Sapphire?
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What level is latias in Pokemon sapphire?

the lvl that latias is is lvl 40

How do you get a latios in Pokemon Sapphire not latias?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Latios can be found in Southern Island.

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How do you get lati?

you get latios on Pokemon ruby, latias on Pokemon sapphire!!

Where can you find latias in Pokemon Ruby?

Latiasyou cant find latias in Pokemon ruby you can only find it in sapphire. in Pokemon ruby you get latios no, you get latias in ruby and latios in sapphire because of the colour, Latias is red means ruby,latios is blue so means sapphire. your right above me but you got it mixed up. No its latias in sapphire and latios in ruby trust me i took forever trying to catch latias in sapphire and i finally did.

Where do you catch latias in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find latias on every route in hoenn.

Where do you find Latias in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't latias can only be found in Pokemon sapphire. Pokemon ruby after defeating the Pokemon league you canfind latios next to fortree. Pokemon sapphire after deafeating Pokemon league latias can also be found next to fortree. the only way to get latias on ruby is to trade.

Can you catch latias in sapphire?

Yes, Pokemon Sapphire version is the version in which you can catch Latias. You can only find it once you have beaten the Pokemon League, then there is a report of a legendary red flying Pokemon in Hoenn. Latias appears randomly.

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