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How do you get Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

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Getting LugiaYou have to beat the elite 4, then go to pewter city and talk

to the old man next to the mart. He will give you the silver wing.

hm's: whirlpool, flash

do this first

then go to whirl islands.

There is 4 islands the one on the top right is the cave you want. And you need flash, when you get in there's a fork you want the top one, then you go down there's a fork go right, then down the ladder. Then talk to the man he will say "Lugia, the Pokemon of the island, hid itself deep in the end of the waterfall basin, and no one has seen it since... If anyone who could restore deep trust between people and Pokemon were to come here with something linked to Lugia, it may show itself for such a person..."

then try this

Use whirlpool, then go to the 2nd cave on the bottom. you need whirlpool and surf to get there. Go up two ladders, by going right, up some stairs, and up the ladder. go up one more ladder. After that, go left, surf, find the waterfall, go down it, and go into the cave on the left. Inside you will find a Lev. 70 lugia!

how do you get to the second ladder?

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Where do you get dark lugia?

You can't get Dark Lugia in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal. You can get Dark Lugia in Pokemon XD though. For Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal it is just the regular Lugia.

What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?

Lugia is in Pokemon Silver, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

How can you get Lugia in Pokemon Gold version?

you cant

Were is Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

cinibar islands

Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

you need wirlpool then go to the wirl islands in one of them there is lugia

Pokemon Gold how can you find Lugia?

in Whirlpool island

In which Pokemon games can you get lugia?

silver, gold, soul silver, and heart gold

What Pokemon is in the 4 islands in Pokemon gold?

If you are on the right island you will find lugia

What level is Lugia in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon Silver, LUGIA is found in the WHIRL ISLANDS at Lvl 40. In Pokemon SoulSilver, LUGIA is found in the WHIRL ISLANDS at Lvl 45. In Pokemon Gold, LUGIA is found in the WHIRL ISLANDS at Lvl 70. In Pokemon HeartGold, LUGIA is found in the WHIRL ISLANDS at Lvl 70.

Can you get Lugia on Pokemon hart gold?

yes you can get lugia at whirlpool island if you have the tidal bell and the silver wing.

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64?

You must bring a lugia from gold or silver to use it in Pokemon stadium 2.

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon gold?

Dialga does not exist in Pokemon gold. only hoho and possibly suicine and lugia (pardon the misspellings)

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

you have to have a transfer pack and from the games silver and gold you transfer lugia into ur stadium

How do you get to Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

First get sliver wing and explore the whirl islands. Lugia will be deep inside the island.

Can you get a dark Lugia in Pokemon gold or soul silver?

Yes by trading.

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You must use a transfer pak and use a gold or silver or crystals lugia to use it on Pokemon stadium 2.

Where Lugia found in Pokemon Yellow?

When Pokemon Yellow was released, Lugia hadn't been thought of yet. Lugia was only brought in with Gold Silver and Crystal. So in other words you can't get it in Yellow.

Where do you find Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

Lugia will be in Whirl Islands. You will need to get the Silver Wing from the old man in Pewter City before you can encounter Lugia, however.

Where can you find Lugia in Pokemon Emerald?

Lugia isn't available in Pokemon Emerald, it is available in other versions such as Soul Silver, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where do you catch Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

at the whirl islands next the island town

What is Pokemon spirit gold?

it is ho-oh. like lugia is the silver spirit.

Can you get Lugia in shiny gold?

In the Pokemon Gold and Silver series of video games, Lugia is available to capture in the location known as Whirl Islands. The player must have an item called a Silver Wing in order to access Lugia.

How do you get luigi in Pokemon Gold?

You cannot get Mario's younger "Bro" in Pokemon Gold. You can obtain Lugia at Whirl Islands in Pokemon Gold and HeartGold. Whirl Islands is located on the water route between Cianwood City and Olivine City. You need to first get the SilverWing or Tidal Bell to access Lugia.

How do you get Lugia in Pokemon platinum without cheating?

I don't think you can get lugia in platinum but for sure you can get Lugia in Pokemon heart gold, soul silver and when you got Lugia in one of those games trade it into you,r platinum game. hope it helps Brunoistheman ;D

Which game is better Pokemon SoulSilver or Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon platinum?

soul silver lugia is stronger than ho-oh and giritina :)but in heart gold ho-oh is stronger than lugia ;)