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Getting Mew to Obey After Using ARi did this by using the ar and captured it with a pokeball.then,when i got out of the island,i land in lily cove city.i raise my Pokemon to make it stopng enough to beat winona(flying gym)and mew obeyed me

Beat some gyms

Easy just use the AR code to get all berrys and use the ones for having frindship

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Q: How do you get Mew to obey in Pokemon if you got it off of Action Replay?
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How do you get Mew to obey you in Pokemon?

If you caught Mew by using a cheat to make it appear as a wild pokemon, it won't obey you. If you have Pokemon Emerald, you can use the 'Old Sea Chart' to get Mew properly. Another way would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat by using a Gameshark or Action Replay.

How do you get mew in emeral Pokemon game?

it cant you need a action replay to get mew and mew two i got a lv 23 mew two from action replay dsi version.

How can you get a Mew in Pokemon Emerald?

Gameshark or action replay

Is there an action replay code for mew in Pokemon black?


Pokemon platinum how do you catch mew?

You can't catch mew,only is you have action replay,or hack. If you have action replay you need a code to find it.

What is the actual action replay code for mew-three on Pokemon diamond?

There is no such pokemon as Mew-Three. But there is Mew and Mewtwo.

When you used the action replay to get mew why does it not obey you?

try giving it a soothe bell or get more badges, because if u get certain badges the Pokemon up to a certain level will obey u

Is there a action replay code for a mew three?

sorry but "mew three" is not a real Pokemon

Where do you find mew on Pokemon soul sliver?

You will not find mew unless you have a action replay.

How do you catch mew with an action replay on Pokemon diamond?

You can't unless You have pokesaved a mew

Where do you get mew in Pokemon platinum?

You can't but you can with AR (action replay)

Can you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen without action replay?

no you dop

What is the action replay code for mew in Pokemon heartgold?

no there never will be

How do you get a mew on a pokemon game?

Get Action Replay and use the pokemon modifier code.

How do you get Mew to obey you in FireRed?

After getting the eighth gym badge, all pokémon will obey you, with the exception of Mew. The only way to make Mew obey you fully would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat on Gameshark/Action Replay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a Gameshark and the Box 1 Slot 1 cheat copies the pokemon in question but will NOT make Mew obey. If you have a Gameshark find a version of emerald and warp to Faraway island. Catch Mew, trade mew, copy mew. Now you have many mews and they obey.

How do you get mew on LeafGreen Pokemon without action replay?

You can never get Mew ever, that rumor has been going on for 11 years but you cannot get mew ever. Unless you use action replay

How do you get mew in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay and mystery gift?

It is not possible to get Mew in Pokemon Diamond without using Action Replay and Mystery Gift. Mew is an event legendary Pokemon and can only be obtained through Mystery Gift or cheating.

Getting mew on Pokemon LeafGreen Virson without an action replay?

mew is on island 9

How do you get mew in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

you need action replay or any kind of hack to get mew

How do you get a mew without action replay on pokemon platinum?

You have to migirate Mew. Like from Pokémon Emerald.

How can Pokemon mew evolve in soulsilver using an action replay?

Mew doesn't evolve period

How do you catch Mew without an Action Replay in Pokemon pearl?

well you have to get a mewtwo because you cant get a mew unless you have a actoin replay.

Is it possible to catch mew on Pokemon white?

Its possible if you have action replay. But if you dont have action raplay, its impossible to catch mew.

How can you get Mew on Pokemon Pearl?

you can go to gts station or action replay

How do you capture a mew in Pokemon platinum?

You would need an action replay