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Use GameShark codes.

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Q: How do you get Mewtwo on Pokemon Gold?
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Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?


Is Mewtwo in Pokemon gold?

no it isn't

How do catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Platinum?

you cant catch mewtwo in Pokemon platinum peral diamond you can in Pokemon heart gold and solsilver in canalave cave

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Gold?

Ho-oh, Lugia and mewtwo (you cannot catch mewtwo in gold, you have to trade it from red, yellow or blue) Tyranitar however is much stronger than those pokemon ^

Where do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to trade for it.

Can you trade mew and mewtwo from Pokemon Yellow to gold?

Yes. With the time machine in gold.

Where can you get Mewtwo in Pokemon gold?

You can't you need to trade him from Pokemon red,yellow or blue.

How do you get the gold trainer card in Pokemon pearl?

you have to catch mewtwo and unlock the gold and silver island

What is the strongest Pokemon in gold Version?

mewtwo is secound would be mew.

What Pokemon game is Mewtwo and Girodos in?

red blue yellow pokemon silver gold crystal

Where do you capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

Look up in YuTube how to capture mew Pokemon gold if u wanna catch mew the almighty!!!!!

How do you catch mew in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Mew can't be catched in Pokemon heartgold, only mewtwo.

What hard to find Pokemon are there in Pokemon heart gold?

Mew, mewtwo because two of them is extremely rare

Rare Pokemon in gold?

Mew, Mewtwo Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, and Cyndaquil.

How do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to trade for it or use the GameShark.

How do you get Mewtwo for Pokemon stadium 2?

Mewtwo isn't unlockable in Pokemon Stadium 2. You will need to register it from either Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal version.

How do you get mewto on Pokemon Gold?

Mewtwo isn't on Gold, Silver, or Crystal, sorry :(It will be in the remakes, and so will the legendary birds.

How do you get Mewtwo on Pokemon Sapphire?

Mewtwo is not available in Pokemon Sapphire. This Pokemon is only accesible through cheating and Mewtwo is found at Cerulean Cave in Pokemon Fire Red (FR) and Leaf Green (LG) at level 70. In Generation IV (Heart Gold and Soul Silver) Mewtwo can be also found at the same area at level 70.

What are cheat code gets you armored Mewtwo?

Armored Mewtwo is only in the anime. The only way to get Armored Mewtwo in a game is if you download a hack, like Pokemon Hard Gold.

How much is a gold Mewtwo Pokemon card worth?

They are worth $50.00 (or $100.00 if you have a case)

How to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

You catch Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave. The cave is very long and puzzling and will require much searching to find him. Mewtwo is located in the very end of the maze.

How do you get Mewtwo you get in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot get mewtwo in Pokemon diamond.

Where is Mewtwo in Pokemon Crystal?

Mewtwo is not found in the wild in Pokémon Crystal, or Gold or Silver. You will need to trade one over from Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Where do you find mew you Pokemon HeartGold?

U can't in heart gold but u can catch mewtwo

What are all the unlocks after you defeat red in pokemon heart gold?

you can get mewtwo,and the 3 lengendary birds.