How do you get Mormons to stop knocking at your door i am pentecostal?

If you want the Mormon Missionaries to skip your home when they are canvassing the neighborhood, you will need to tell them directly. Most missionaries ignore 'no soliciting' signs because technically, they are not soliciting. Kindly but firmly explain to them that you are not interested and to please have them put you on their 'Do Not Contact' list. While this list isn't permanent, they are obligated to make a note of this in their records. When the records are updated this information might not transfer over and they might stop by again, but it should keep missionaries from knocking on your door for the next year or so. If they continue to return after you asked not to be contacted, ask for the phone number or e-mail address for their Bishop or Mission President (he essentially acts as their supervisor) and explain the situation to him. It might help if you offer to take a card or pamphlet with their contact information on it, and let them know that you will contact them if you change your mind. That way they will feel that they at least got to share their message.

Best of luck!