How do you get Pang Tongs level 11 weapon in Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends?

Succeed in all of Pang Tong's battle strategies. Without defeating any of the enemy bomb tossing soldiers. Achieve 450 KO Count. Eliminate the top left and bottom left enemy entry points. Defeat Yue Ying and take over the Tiger Tanks. To the North and South of the castle are Consecutive Arrows, defeat the respective Guard Troop aptains to take over the Consecutive Arrows. Be careful not to defeat any of the bomb tossing soldiers nearby, otherwise respectability will decrease, and the weapon will be

lost. At map right center is one more Guard Troop Captain, defeat him and take over the Cloud Ladders. Defeating the bomb tossing soldier nearby here is acceptable. Protect the Cloud Ladders, ensure at least 1 of the 2 sets up on the castle wall.

Pang Tong's respectability increased greatly message. Encounter Zhuge Liang.

Achieve 450 KO Count. Do this on Expert Mode