Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald
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How do you get Pichu in Pokemon emerald please tell me now now now i tell u all?

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2011-09-13 03:28:18

1: You just go to safari zone and find a girl pikachu catch


2: get a fairy Pokemon like a snorunt (go to step 5 to see how

to catch snorunt).

3: go to the breeding center and put them both in the breeding


4: go back in a little bit talk to the guy that is out of the

fence he will give you a egg!

5: go to shoal cave in midnight on the game and go to the

deepest part of the cave and snorunt is there he is where there is


1: Another way that is easier is to catch a

male/boy pikachu that has a light ball.(Hard part is to

catch, get a Pokemon with the static ability (i.e.

pikachu/electrike) in your 1st party box to increase your chances

to encounter electric types at the safari zone, stay in one spot

and use sweet scent to encounter Pokemon without having

tomove at all which will reduce your safari zone step count).

2: Then go to the day-care and leave the male(light ball)

and a female pikachu with the wife.

3: Walk around outside for a little while then go to the man he

will give you an egg.

4: Put a Pokemon that knows magma armor in the party to cut down

on the number of steps until it hatches by half.

5: When it hatches you have a pichu that knows what the parents

know(male) and the move volt tackle.

( * The combination has to be the same type

m&f-pikachu or even m&f raichu will still get you a

pichu. The higher the parents level the more evole moves the pichu

knows, that goes for a raichu as well.

Also you can get an azurill if the male marill has a

sea incense this time,just do the same as above with a

female marill and congrats you have an azurill.)

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