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How do you get Pokemon sizor?

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Trade it when its holding a metal coat. And sizor is actually SCIZOR

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Can you get sizor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No but you can trade it with Pokemon FR

What type of Pokemon is sizor?

steel and bug

Which Pokemon can defeat sizor in Pokemon Platinum?

Sizor is a steel type pokemon so any fire, ground or fighting moves will be very effective. just get a pokemon that knows a powerful fire, ground or fighting type move and it should take down Sizor quite quickly.

In Pokemon FireRed I only have one metal coat who should I get Scizor or Steelix?

SIZOR sizor is like totally strong and plus it can fly if i were u i would pick sizor its totally rare well in Pokemon platinum so take my advice TAKE SIZOR!!!!!!!!!!!hope i helped : D

Is there a mail code for sizor Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?


How do sizor evolve in Pokemon tower defense?

By the way it is scizor and it doesn't evolve

Can you trade Pokemon with items in Pokemon Pearl?

Of course, how else would you get sizor and steelix. just give the Pokemon an item and trade!

How do you get a sicor Pokemon?

you get sizor by trading a scyther that is holding a metal coat to another game

Is this a good Pokemon team Gengar Empoleon tortera staraptor luxray sizor?

it depends on levels

When does your Syther in Pokemon SoulSilver evolve into Sizor?

You have to trade your Syther with a Metal Coat to get it to evolve into Scizor.

How do you get a sizor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first get scyther witch is in the safrie zone then give it a meatl coat then it will evolve through trade

Someone rate this team Charizard Porygon2 Umbreon Lapras Hitmontop and Sizor?

It is a good team but, you have to many fighting able pokemon.

What do you do after you rescued sizor?

releace it in mt cornet you get a jirachi.

What do you need to do to save sizor in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You talk to Mr. Mime, and he reveals the location to you. it's good to have dark and fire type moves in your moveset for that dungeon

How do you evolve a sither to a sizor on Pokemon HeartGold?

By trading it while it's holding a metal coat. You can get a metal coat as a prize at the pokeathalon or you get it from some guy, but i can't remember who.

Where is scizor in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find it in Diamond; the only way to get a Scizor is to give a Syther a Steel Coat, trade it to another person, then trade it bak again. It should be able to evolve into Sizor.

Dous syther evolve?

SYTHER evolves into SIZOR: 1.Get a METAL COAT(Southern coast of MEMORIAL PILLAR on SIX ISLAND. 2.Have SYTHER hold the METAL COAT. 3.Trade SYTHER while it is holding the METAL COAT and he will evolve! 4. Enjoy having a SIZOR like I do!

My current Pokemon team for the new heartgold game is Charizard Dragonite Kingdra sizor veinesaur and jolteon Anyone have some suggestions or changes you should make?

You should make the Dragonite a Salamence instead, cuz salamence has higher stats (plus, it looks cooler!).

How do you get blizzard island?

After the credits and a few days of missions you will find mr.mime at treasure town.He will talk about sizor frozen in blizzard island.

Is this a good heart gold pkmn party and if not any suggestions?

you should have a sizor and a swampert because they have only one weakness and are strong

How do you spell sizor?

The likely word is scissor, and the paired cutting implement is scissors.Similar words are incisor (a front tooth) and sizer (one who sizes).

Where do I get a Scizor and Aerodactyl in Pokemon diamond I don't have nationaldex and haven't beaten E4 that's why i need those Pokemon can you help?

To get sizor u need to trade a scyther holding metal coat then for an aerodactyl you have to find old amber by smashing rocks then take the amber to the Orebrugh mining museum for the guy to extract it if you need anymore help with pokemon info n stuff go to really good website i use it a lot hope i helped :D

Where can you find a sizor in soul silver?

You can find a scyther at the national park, and if you trade it while it's holding a metal coat, it evolves into scizor. Other then that, it's impossible to get them.

Is this a good team Charizard Umbreon Porygon2 Sizor Lapras and Hitmontop?

yes it is you have a well rounded team there another example of a good team would be sceptile absol gardevoir skarmory sharpedo and salemence. Hey thanx man! (IM the guy who asked the question) That's what i do in my Pokemon teams I use ones of different types.

How do you get to Blackthorn city from Mahogany Town?

go to the lighthouse in ollivine city and enter the first floor. you see all the windows?Well one of them is a door!It is by that one bird keeper trainer.when you enter it you will be outside the lighthouse. There is a rare candy there. anyway go through the door and you will see amphy and jasmine.Talk to her and she will say "go to the pharmacy in cianwood city".Go talk to the man in the pharmacy and he will say "you need medican but your Pokemon apear to be just fine".Um did I mention to heal your Pokemon first?he will give you a secret potion .Take it to jasmine and if you forgot LOOK UP THERE!!!^. THEN go battle her. I think these are her Pokemon: MAGNATON,STEELIX,MAGNAMITE AND I think SIZOR im sorry if I spelled SIZOR wrong. then go to the guy that blocked the path in magony town. THEN you can challenge Clair in blackthorn city .She has dragon types .So keep you guard up. She is strong I lost 2 times to her!I hope this helped!!

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