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How do you get Shadow Pikachu in card?



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How to get shadow pikachu

First you have to go to China. Then you go to a store called: Gwuatched Tohm. Ask this: "kien tin pikegu ced" They give you one and it wil come with a pack of: Infernape, Empoleon, Torterra and Shaymin. The pikachu has 999 HP.

I am not so sure about the above, but that is DEFINATELY not Chinese, even if it was written in Chinese "pin-yin" (pronounciation). I am not so sure, but try this, ni you pi-ka-chu ka ma? (litterally- do you have a pikachu card?) the ni is pronounced with an accending voice, the you is accented ont he "o" and should sound like your voice going down, then up. the pikachu.. is well... pikachu. ka, is likethe same thing as "ga" in sound, but a heavy g. ma is a short sound. ma states wether or not you have a yes or no question