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How do you get Spider-Man on gta san Andreas for ps2?

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go on YouTube

Hack it.
You cant,its a PC mod...well you can if u burn the mod onto the ps2 game disc by somehow syncing it but idk.

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What is the cheat code to be spider man in san andreas?

There is no cheat code for Spiderman in GTA San Andreas. Spiderman in GTA San Andreas is a mod.

GTAsan Andreas ps2?

Yes there is a gta san Andreas for ps2

Ferrari cheat on gta San Andreas for ps2?

There are Ferrari's in GTA San Andreas it is the turismo.

What is the cheat-code for spider man on gta san Andreas?

what is the cheat for spiderman for gta san andreas pc

How do you become batman on gta san Andreas on the ps2?

How to become batman in san andreas for ps2

San Andreas sonic cheat ps2?

gta san andreas sonic cheat on ps2

What is the cheat to skip missions for san Andreas gta ps2?

you cant skip missions

Grand theft auto San Andreas ps2 Spider-Man cheat?

To achieve something like Spiderman in GTA San Andreas, would require a mod (not a cheat), available only via computer and not on the PS2.

Can you play San Andreas PS2 in PS1?

No GTA San Andreas will not work in a PS1

What is the cost of san Andreas CD?

GTA San Andreas For PC 5 to 10 Dollars GtA San Andreas For PS2 15 to 20 Dollars

Where to get multiplayer on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ps2?

You can't play gta san andreas multiplayer in ps2

Can you fly with a bike in gta san Andreas for ps2?


How do you get hummer in gta San Andreas ps2?

No! You cant!

How do you get donks on GTA San Andreas for PS2?

what is a donk?

How do you get mods on a ps2 for gta san Andreas?


Are aliens in GTA San Andreas PS2?

no :p.

Tornado cheat for gta san andreas for ps2?

quero um mod de tornado para o gta san andreas de ps2 porfavor

The cheat code you gave me for Spider-Man didn't work why didn't it work?

dude come on chill there is no cheat for spiderman clothes in gta san andreas ps2 I completed the game 100% and I didn't get no spiderman outfit it only works on grand theft auto san andreas for pc not for ps2!

Cheat for Hancock on gta San Andreas on ps2?

there is no cheat for that in san Andreas , you have to mod your game

Cheat for submarine in GTA San Andreas ps2?

there is no cheat for that in san Andreas , you have to mod your game

Is GTASan Andreas and GTASan Andreas blackout same?

Gta San Andreas[Ps2} + GTA San Andreas[PC] Yes but SA:MP [San Andreas Multiplayer ] no its has a diffrernt kind as a edited blackout MTA:DM and MTA:RACE Are The Same As GTA San Andreas Black out

How do you became a spider man in san andreas?

first type gta garage . com spiderman and choose gta garage . com spiderman

Where to find a zombies in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for ps2?

You can't find zombies in gta san Andreas ps2.

What is R1 in GTASan Andreas?

It is a button on the GTA San Andreas PS2 controller.

How do you get GTAsan Andreas psp?

GTA San Andreas is available on the PS2, but not on the PSP.

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