How do you get Sun Jians level 11 weapon on Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends?

On Expert mode defeat Hua Xiong.

Defeat Hu Xin.

Defeat Lu Bu after he appears.

All before passing through the map center castle.

Eliminate the map top and map right enemy entry points.

Encounter Dong Zhuo before the map left ally castle Chang Sha

Castle) is breached (6 minutes into stage). Lu Bu's enemy back-up troops will appear approximately 30 seconds into the stage.

The map right enemy entry point will appear together with Lu Bu. An enemy entry point will appear on the top side of the map center castle after you defeat Hua Xiong and Hu Xin. It is acceptable to ignore this enemy entry point. If you defeated Lu Bu in under 2 minutes, you will receive a Precious Item Report. If you pass through the map center castle (meaning go in the right gate and go out the left gate) without first defeating Hua Xiong and Hu Xin, the map left ally castle Chang Sha Castle) will open its gates immediately. Which is not what you want if you are trying to unlock this weapon.

I suggest equipping the Shadow Saddle, and then wait for Lu Bu to appear at the beginning of the stage first and take his Red Hare. This way you'll have the best ride of all, a Red Hare you won't fall off of.