How do you get Wavebuster in Metroid Prime?

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February 19, 2009 6:51PM

Required: Spider Ball, Boost Ball, Wave Beam, Space Jump, Missile launcher (At Least 35 on ammo)

Go to Chozo Ruins Main Plaza. Go through the first door on the left (Entering from elevator Near Landing sight, the first elevator you went up). Go through the tunnel, turning into morph ball to avoid the exploding things. Go through the door at the end of tunnel. You'll find yourself in the room where you first defeated the Plated Beatle. Defeat the Chozo Ghosts in the room and look back at the door you entered. Up on the ledge in front of it is a half pipe. Use your boost ball to get up on either ledge. Go into the tunnel. The tunnel on one side will lead you to a missile expansion, while the one on the other side will lead to a magnetic rail. Get the expansion, and then use the magnetic rail to get to a ledge with a purple door on it. go through the next tunnel and emerge from another purple door at the end (Or missile door. I don't remember, because I'm at impact crater and got the wavebuster along time ago). A cut scene will introduce you to the Sun Chamber. Jump up on the platform above the water and look UP at the stone blocks holding up the wall. There are four total around you. Destroy each one with Three missiles. This will lower yet another set of platforms. But jump on them quickly because PLATED puffers come at you below (These are vulnerable only to missiles. Waste no missiles on them or you won'get the wave buster). The next four stone blocks are more tricky becaus Ocucalies are on them, Which are invunerable, and missiles will bounce off them. Take your time in destroying the stone blocks while avoiding hitting the creatures. Again the platforms will lower and plated puffers will come out. Repeat this process once more, and then get to the top and claim your prize: The Wave Buster. After that simply jump off. Try not to land on the platforms. You should land in water, and if so use the ramp to get back up to the door. If not, Then you will be at the door. Samus will grunt on ground impact, but health will not drop. Retrace your steps from there (Yes, there will be more Chozo Ghosts in the first room to defeat).